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[12:24:08] <ch007m> Hi. I have some questions about Vertx

[12:36:10] <ch007m> How many verticles/components are proposed ?

[12:40:30] <ch007m> Is there a list of all the verticles availables ?

[14:14:50] <Wei_> Anybody there? I have a problem that jdbcclient executed in different event-loops.

[15:13:57] <temporalfox> Wei_ what is it ?

[15:14:43] <skullcrasher> ch007m, does this help?

[15:15:28] <ch007m> skullcrasher: yes. Thx

[15:17:35] <Wei_> temporalfox. DB operations using sql commons are assigned to different event loop

[15:18:20] <temporalfox> are you running this from a test or main thread ?

[15:18:33] <temporalfox> have you tried to encapsulate your code in a verticle ?

[15:18:37] <Wei_> Yes.

[15:18:46] <temporalfox> can you provide a reprodcuer ?

[15:19:17] <Wei_> It would be nice if you could teamview my machine.

[15:19:58] <Wei_> It's not easy to separate the part of the code which caused the problem.

[15:26:04] <Wei_> temporalfox, does it sound a good idea?

[15:26:23] <temporalfox> I have no time for this right now, but maybe someone else can help you ?

[15:26:46] <temporalfox> why do you say that the jdbc client uses several event loops ?

[15:27:01] <temporalfox> you mean different threads ?

[15:27:05] <temporalfox> DB operations using sql commons are assigned to different event loop

[15:27:22] <temporalfox> when a blocking operation is executed, it can run on different worker threads

[15:27:32] <temporalfox> however they will still be in the right order

[15:29:28] <Wei_> temporalfox, there is no documentation saying “DB operations using sql commons are assigned to different event loop”

[15:30:11] <Wei_> How to run operation in a blocking way? is there a method?

[15:30:43] <temporalfox> look at Context#executeBlocking

[15:31:06] <temporalfox>

[15:31:11] <temporalfox> I advise you to read this

[15:31:21] <Wei_> Thanks.

[15:31:26] <Wei_> I will read it.

[15:46:38] <Wei_> temperalfox, is it Context#executeBlocking or vertex.executeBlocking ?

[15:46:53] <temporalfox> both exist

[15:47:09] <temporalfox> Vertx.executeBlocking does vertx.getOrCreateContext().executeBlocking

[15:49:34] <Wei_> Unfortunately, it didn't help….

[15:56:24] <Wei_> temporalfox, it didn't help. any other idea?

[15:56:35] <temporalfox> what ?

[15:56:44] <temporalfox> what you are saying

[15:56:50] <temporalfox> “DB operations using sql commons are assigned to different event loop”

[15:56:52] <temporalfox> is not clear to me

[15:57:07] <Wei_> Let me tell you the story.

[15:57:09] <temporalfox> are you using vertx-jdbc-client ?

[15:57:29] <Wei_> I have a jar which wraps up sql common of vertex.

[15:58:20] <Wei_> another vertex instance receives messages and then call the method in the jar.

[15:59:01] <temporalfox> are you using vertx-jdbc-client ?

[15:59:24] <Wei_> Two messages came at almost the same time, but in order. we are trying to update the same column in order, but found that the method was not executed in order.

[15:59:29] <Wei_> Yes. I am.

[15:59:59] <Wei_> I'm using io.vertx.ext.jdbc.JDBCClient

[16:00:33] <temporalfox> are you using the same connection ?

[16:01:21] <Wei_> I think so because I'm using the same jdbcClient.

[16:13:38] <temporalfox> make sure you use the same jdbc connection

[16:13:49] <temporalfox> for example you can do a println on the jdbc conection when you do the statement

[16:13:51] <Wei_> Could you please tell me how?

[16:13:57] <temporalfox> System.out.println(conn) :-)

[16:14:06] <temporalfox> are you using java ?

[16:14:10] <Wei_> Yes.

[16:14:45] <Wei_> The problem is that the jar which wraps sql common is not able to println……

[16:14:46] <Wei_> :(

[16:14:56] <Wei_> At least I don't know how.

[16:19:44] <Wei_> temporalfox, I don't think they should be in the same connection because they are the same db operation. So I write a method for that.

[21:55:41] <BadApe> hi, i was wondering if anyone else has run into this problem, i made a fat jar to be run from vertx, but when it starts i am told java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.postgresql.Driver

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[23:10:03] <amr> are there schemas documented for jdbc-auth ?

[23:43:16] <BadApe> amr, i asked the same some time ago

[23:43:24] <amr> heh

[23:43:32] <BadApe> i can't remember how i figured it out

[23:43:51] <amr> atm im looking at the queries and figuring out hte structure

[23:43:54] <amr> pretty awful way of doing it

[23:44:37] <BadApe> i think that might be how i did it

[23:44:39] <BadApe> what db?

[23:44:46] <amr> undecided atm

[23:45:08] <BadApe> imho i would use keycloak

[23:45:19] <amr> oh?

[23:45:38] <BadApe> ok vertx 3.3 iirc will have keycload support

[23:46:07] <BadApe> only thing is i wrote tcp socket service that uses the jdbc auth