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[14:42:21] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporal_ [17:30:22] <Yakabu> Hi. Is it possible to stop a verticle from within the verticle itself? [18:29:36] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

[18:30:26] <Yakabu> Hi. Is it possible to terminate a verticle from within the verticle itself?

[18:39:07] <Sticky> Yakabu: what happens when you try?

[18:40:44] <Yakabu> Sticky: “Try”? The only thing I can try to do is terminate the entire vert.x instance

[18:41:01] <Yakabu> I want to simply stop a single verticle

[18:41:23] <Yakabu> From within the verticle itself, so it stops itself

[18:41:25] <Sticky>

[18:41:51] <Yakabu> Can I get the deploymentId from within the verticle?

[18:42:14] <Sticky> I believe vertx.getOrCreateContext().deploymentID() should be it

[18:43:07] <Sticky> or context.deploymentID() from within the init method

[18:43:52] <Yakabu> oh!

[18:43:54] <Yakabu> thanks :)

[18:44:00] <Yakabu> I'll try it now

[18:51:48] <Yakabu> hmm

[18:51:59] <Yakabu> I get this exception: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unknown deployment

[18:54:27] <Yakabu> Weird because vertx.getOrCreateContext().deploymentID() isn't returning null…It's giving me a deployment ID

[18:54:39] <Yakabu> Why doesn't this work?

[18:55:45] <Yakabu>

[18:55:50] <Yakabu> That's the code I'm using to undeploy

[19:04:20] <Yakabu> Sticky: Any ideas?

[19:04:52] <Sticky> maybe it is not returning the correct deployment id, does it agree with the id returned from the deploy method?

[19:05:20] <Sticky> and where are you putting that code in?

[19:06:17] <Yakabu> I'm putting that code in a closeHandler of a NetSocket

[19:07:33] <Yakabu> Checking if it agrees with the id from deploy method 2 secs

[19:09:50] <Yakabu> Hmm

[19:10:04] <Yakabu> Ok it deploys successfully but code is still running

[19:10:38] <Yakabu> I have a method that calls itself recursively through a timer

[19:10:46] <Yakabu> Shouldn't that stop once the verticle is undeployed?

[19:10:54] <Sticky> probably not

[19:11:04] <Sticky> not sure about that though

[19:11:13] <Yakabu> What exactly does undeploying do then?

[19:11:39] <Yakabu> Not much info in the docs

[19:13:07] <Yakabu> “Automatic clean-up in verticles If you[unknown:rsquo]re creating timers from inside verticles, those timers will be automatically closed when the verticle is undeployed.”

[19:13:21] <Yakabu> from

[19:13:55] <Sticky> hmm, ok, not sure what it would be then

[19:14:27] <Yakabu> Hmm when it says “closed” does that mean it just fires the timer event

[19:19:22] <Yakabu> Got it working! Thanks Sticky :')

[20:02:01] <BadApe> is there a date that version 3.3 will be out?

[20:24:14] <Yakabu> BadApe: Early june according to this

[20:24:23] <Yakabu> so very soon most likely

[21:31:48] <BadApe> cool! :D

[21:32:01] <BadApe> oh http/2 support