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[14:10:17] <BadApe> hello, what do i need to include in my pom.xml to support different algorithms?

[17:45:29] <temporalfox> BadApe hi, what do you mean ?

[17:47:01] <BadApe> hi temporalfox i tried to use SHA-512 with jwt, i was told it wasn't supported, so i am having a heck of a time trying to figure out what i need to include

[17:47:45] <temporalfox> BadApe have you checked the Vert.x examples ?

[17:48:11] <BadApe> i will now :D

[17:50:31] <BadApe> doesn't help much

[19:12:25] <AlexLehm> cescoffier: I have added a description about the proxies to the example classes, is that working for you?

[19:26:42] <cescoffier> Hi Alex, yes it looks good

[19:26:54] <cescoffier> AlexLehm - need to check how to automate these examples (meaning that I should be able to run them on a bare machine is a reproducible way and check the result)

[19:27:49] <AlexLehm> can you provision additional package on a machine? For squid that should work out of the box, for the dante-server you need to overwrite the config file, but I think that should work

[19:28:02] <cescoffier> on windows ?

[19:32:11] <cescoffier> For one I believe we could “Fake” a proxy with a simple verticle

[19:36:31] <AlexLehm> on windows, it works to install the squid package, I use that for testing, with the socks proxy I didn't figure it out yet

[19:37:04] <AlexLehm> there is a testing proxy for http and socks in the vertx-core test code, you can easily turn that into a verticle (i can try if you like)

[19:58:46] <cescoffier> AlexLehm : that would be awesome !

[20:10:06] <AlexLehm> or can you use ssh on the test machine to somewhere, with putty that would work in windows?

[20:59:42] <cescoffier> AlexLehm : hard to automate on bare machine

[21:02:49] <AlexLehm> yes you're right

[21:59:01] <Yakabu> Hi. Is it possible to deploy changed/new verticles from a vert.x instance? E.g. if I decide to create a new verticle, can I deploy that at runtime without restarting the vert.x instance?

[22:00:55] <Sticky> basicly all verticles are deployed at run time

[22:01:27] <Yakabu> Ya, can I make a change to a verticle and deploy the changed version?

[22:01:33] <Sticky> yes

[22:01:42] <Yakabu> Oooh, how? :)

[22:02:04] <Yakabu> I tried with a local maven repository but it seems it loads the classes on start, so doesn't update

[22:02:24] <Sticky> well when you say “change” what do you want to change?

[22:02:49] <Yakabu> Essentially create a new verticle class and deloy that

[22:03:01] <Yakabu> deploy*

[22:03:46] <Sticky> so modifying classes will have to be done with bytecode transformation, that is pretty much nothing to do with vertx, look at things like ASM for that

[22:04:29] <Yakabu> Hmm, I don't want to modify classes at runtime. I just want to deploy a newly created verticle

[22:05:02] <Sticky> but once you have a class you want to deploy you can then just do vertx.deployVerticle(new MyNewVerticel())

[22:05:07] <Yakabu> E.g. I start with my vert.x instance with verticle1 and verticle2. some time later, I code verticle3 and decide I want to deploy that.

[22:05:19] <Yakabu> Yes but that requires that the class is on the classpath

[22:05:44] <Sticky> ahh right, so your problem is you want to add classes to the classpath at runtime?

[22:06:21] <Yakabu> Well, I'm not 100% sure on how vert.x deals with deploying verticles. But if that is how I can deploy different verticles after launching my vert.x instance, then yes

[22:08:41] <Yakabu> My thinking was that if I use a maven repository and simply update that maven repository, then it should work

[22:09:31] <Sticky> that is not really how maven works

[22:10:43] <Yakabu> I know that isn't how maven works in the conventional way, but I thought vert.x would do some magic to load classes at runtime

[22:11:43] <Yakabu>

[22:13:36] <Sticky> I may be wrong but as far as I know vertx has nothing out the box to do this

[22:14:24] <Yakabu> :(

[22:15:56] <Sticky> but even if it doesnt, it is technically possible, just you will have to code it a bit yourself

[22:16:53] <Sticky> but obviously with the unhelpful question of…why do you want to do this?

[22:17:30] <Yakabu> Well it isn't absolutely necessary for what I want to do, since I can just cluster the vert.x instances

[22:17:48] <Yakabu> But I kinda wanted to have a single vert.x instance with a bunch of verticles, so I don't need to cluster

[22:18:28] <Yakabu> And then the way I imagined it is that I can make changes to verticles, then redeploy them on the same instance

[22:18:31] <Sticky> so why cant you restart the jvm when you need to update the code?

[22:18:38] <Yakabu> because it's stateful

[22:18:59] <Yakabu> I don't want to go through the hassle of serializing state and such

[22:19:19] <Sticky> hmmmm, I assume this is a toy application?

[22:19:41] <Yakabu> it's for personal use

[22:19:52] <Sticky> ok, fair enough