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[00:00:32] <AlexLehm> temporalfox: how is time planning of the release? tomorrow ?

[00:00:44] <temporalfox> AlexLehm it's cming

[00:00:48] <temporalfox> sorry for ignoring you :-)

[00:00:54] <temporalfox> my attention is dragged by other things

[00:00:59] <AlexLehm> np

[00:01:02] <temporalfox> I wanted to ask you to check a Netty fix for windows

[00:01:16] <temporalfox> that should superseeds the fix we did in vertx (but later)

[00:01:42] <temporalfox> AlexLehm

[00:01:46] <AlexLehm> with the localhost resolution?

[00:01:53] <temporalfox> yes

[00:02:00] <AlexLehm> ah ok

[00:02:07] <temporalfox> norman asked me to check but I can't :-)

[00:28:00] <temporalfox> AlexLehm if you can check that it would be great

[00:28:32] <AlexLehm> yes sure, will do

[00:29:43] <stve_1985> is there an ETA for the 3.3.0 release?

[15:06:34] <BadApe> hi, is there a way with the NerServer to restrict the maximum number of tcp connections?

[17:03:31] <ChicagoJohn> Can you order http requests?

[17:03:41] <ChicagoJohn> i.e. first x, then y?

[17:17:21] <Sticky> ChicagoJohn: “The client also supports pipe-lining of requests. Pipe-lining means another request is sent on the same connection before the response from the preceeding one has returned.”

[17:17:27] <Sticky> is that what you are looking for?

[17:17:45] <Sticky> or well, the inverse

[17:18:07] <ChicagoJohn> im looking more for something like a promise

[17:18:29] <ChicagoJohn> reqA.then(reqB)

[17:18:51] <Sticky>

[17:18:59] <Sticky> look at the rx client

[17:19:14] <ChicagoJohn> im using the 'when' promise library that wraps vertx but i would rather stay with core libraries

[17:19:33] <Sticky> yeah, look at that class

[17:19:39] <ChicagoJohn> ive looked at the rx, and the samples are nice, but they stop at the point where i need a bit more insight

[17:20:51] <ChicagoJohn> i hate using these words, but i need to 'chain requests' without ending in callback hell. i simply want to 'flatten' then code so it is more readable

[17:21:36] <ChicagoJohn> which is why i am using promises. which is fine if i have to, but you know.

[17:22:14] <Sticky> look at that rx class in conjuntion with either Observables.concat or concatmap

[17:23:08] <ChicagoJohn> i had some success placing the follow up requests inside a flatmap closure

[17:23:35] <ChicagoJohn> however, i get stuck at the point of subscribing.

[18:17:02] <ChicagoJohn> @Sticky: are you still available?

[18:17:14] <ChicagoJohn> Sticky: are you still available?

[18:17:38] <Sticky> yes

[18:18:09] <ChicagoJohn> when doing clientrequests in vertx-rx

[18:18:19] <ChicagoJohn> are you obligated to req.end()?

[18:18:45] <ChicagoJohn> thats where i get trapped.

[18:18:45] <Sticky> I dont know, I havnt doen client requests

[18:18:51] <ChicagoJohn> bummer

[19:56:10] <temporalfox> ChicagoJohn look at io.vertx.core.Future it has a simple chain method

[19:56:18] <temporalfox> that does pretty much what you want

[19:56:33] <temporalfox> well actually “compose” not chain :-)

[19:56:46] <temporalfox> and in 3.3 it can use a function

[20:44:12] <Kamlesh> I want to create a git repository under vertx awesome for vertx-aws project, which will provide cluster management over aws infrastructure.

[20:44:24] <Kamlesh> How do I create git repository ?

[23:11:09] <temporalfox> hi

[23:11:12] <temporalfox> Kamlesh

[23:11:18] <temporalfox> you can simply edit the file online

[23:11:32] <temporalfox>

[23:11:40] <temporalfox> then you have the Pen icon

[23:57:37] <ChicagoJohn> for HttpClientRequest, are you always required to .end() it? does it never kick off automatically?