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[00:00:52] <temporalfox> AlexLehm do you have wireshark ?

[00:00:54] <AlexLehm> ah yes sorry

[00:00:57] <AlexLehm> yes

[00:01:03] <temporalfox> let's focus on

[00:01:04] <temporalfox> testSearchDomain

[00:01:13] <temporalfox> can you run wireshark on port 53

[00:01:24] <temporalfox> actually no

[00:01:32] <AlexLehm>

[00:01:52] <temporalfox> on port 53530

[00:02:03] <temporalfox> and tell me the DNS query and answer you see

[00:02:24] <temporalfox> so basically you do in wireshark

[00:02:26] <temporalfox> filter

[00:02:30] <temporalfox> “udp port 53530”

[00:02:34] <temporalfox> on localhost

[00:02:38] <temporalfox> and in vertx

[00:02:50] <temporalfox> mvn test -Dtest=HostnameResolutionTest#testSearchDomain

[00:04:48] <AlexLehm> i think it doesn't work to sniff localhost in windows

[00:04:50] <AlexLehm> let me try

[00:05:32] <temporalfox> ok

[00:05:40] <temporalfox> hard to find out then

[00:05:52] <temporalfox> so we need to try println

[00:05:56] <temporalfox> and / or debug

[00:06:28] <temporalfox> we are going to do the println way I think

[00:06:32] <temporalfox> if that does not work

[00:09:06] <AlexLehm> when i run just one test, it works

[00:09:22] <temporalfox> ok

[00:09:33] <temporalfox> what if you run two tests ?

[00:09:38] <temporalfox> so it's not dramatic

[00:09:42] <temporalfox> more like a timing issue

[00:09:45] <temporalfox> in the tests

[00:10:19] <temporalfox> maybe for tests we should run the DNS server with different ports

[00:10:25] <temporalfox> can you try that ?

[00:10:34] <temporalfox> in FakeDNSServer

[00:10:36] <temporalfox> you change

[00:10:40] <temporalfox> public static final int PORT = 53530;

[00:10:52] <temporalfox> by something that incrments

[00:10:52] <temporalfox> for each test

[00:11:02] <temporalfox> like you remove the final keyword

[00:11:13] <temporalfox> and in setup() of HostnameResolutionTest

[00:11:16] <temporalfox> you increment it

[00:11:53] <AlexLehm> when I run mvn test -Dtest=HostnameResolutionTest#test*SearchDomain* , it has 2 tests failing

[00:12:01] <AlexLehm> let me the port number change

[00:12:52] <temporalfox> it may be due to port recycling

[00:12:59] <temporalfox> I don't know how windows work

[00:13:01] <temporalfox> :-)

[00:13:10] <temporalfox> but thing is that this DNS server is not a Netty one

[00:20:03] <AlexLehm> with increasing port numbers it works i think

[00:20:54] <AlexLehm> running all tests to make sure

[00:22:58] <temporalfox> ok

[00:35:37] <AlexLehm> ok, the tests all work except for 2 that were failing before (which I haven't figured out yet)

[00:38:47] <temporalfox> but if you run them individually they pass ?

[00:43:46] <AlexLehm> no, they always fail

[00:44:31] <AlexLehm> these are in RedeployTest, I didn't pay attention to these since they failed for me since time ago

[00:44:47] <AlexLehm> so they failure is not related to the dns changes

[00:44:54] <temporalfox> ah ok

[00:45:06] <temporalfox> but I'm wondering about dns test

[00:45:21] <AlexLehm> the dns test works when running all tests in the test class together now

[00:45:30] <temporalfox> with the port change

[00:45:34] <AlexLehm> yes

[00:45:56] <temporalfox> ok

[00:46:17] <temporalfox> I've deployed the artifacts in nexus

[00:46:21] <temporalfox> and I will close the staging now

[00:46:35] <temporalfox> and tomorrow there will be tests with this repo to validate the artifacts

[00:46:37] <temporalfox> for 3.3.0

[00:49:06] <AlexLehm> ok

[00:50:22] <temporalfox> thanks for your precious help tonight

[00:50:36] <temporalfox> that helps for sure :-)

[00:52:17] <AlexLehm> no problem

[00:58:54] <AlexLehm> i wonder if it would make sense to set up a CI running on Windows, there is a hosted CI servers that does that, but I haven't used that yet

[01:06:33] <temporalfox> yes it would certainly be helpful

[01:06:52] <temporalfox> we do already run the examples on windows before a release

[01:06:53] <temporalfox> with various langs

[01:09:24] <temporalfox> AlexLehm good night

[01:09:37] <AlexLehm> good night

[01:12:39] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporal_ [09:42:19] <noam_> Hello, any news on 3.3? [10:00:50] <cescoffier> noam_ : we have stage the final version, we are running the checks [10:02:30] <noam_> Thanks! looking forward to the release [15:14:34] <pouyanster> I have a really interesting problem with HttpClient: when using getAbs with the absolute URL, nothing seems to happen (handler is not invoked) but if I use getNow with explicit port number, host, and path, it seems to be working fine. Tried with both 3.0.0 and 3.2.1. anyone else having this problem or am I using the API in a wrong way? [15:29:27] <pouyanster> my bad! `end()`should be placed after `getAbs` whereas getNow automatically does that! #readthesource #addthistodocs [21:09:00] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

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