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[00:06:00] <ChicagoJohn> so i totally understand that vertx can return httpClientRequests as observables. however, they are never fired… can someone explain how they are fired without manually calling .end()?

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[22:44:27] <cazacugmihai> Hi, guys! Is there a way to send headers (like: eventBus.send('sum', new JsonObject().put('a', '1').put('b', '1'), new DeliveryOptions().addHeader('key', 'secret'))) when using vertx-service-discovery and EventBusService?

[22:46:29] <cazacugmihai> EventBusService.getProxy(discovery, MathService) { AsyncResult<MathService> ar → ar.result().sum(2, 8) { println it.result() } }

[22:49:56] <cazacugmihai> also, are there some performance penalties using the proxy instead of using the eventbus directly?