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[00:04:01] <ChicagoJohn> is anyone on?

[00:04:48] <ChicagoJohn> follow up, has anyone used swagger? is that a thing people use with vertx? i see some effort, and i see someone put together a codegen for it

[00:05:51] <ChicagoJohn> but that codegen seems to be a tad opinionated on generating synchronous responses… maybe thats the simplest terms it can build but from what i have been coding, i use all vertx-web asynch responses..

[00:09:36] <ChicagoJohn> follow up, from that codegen's result, each REST call was mapped to an event bus endpoint. is that normal?

[00:12:09] <ChicagoJohn> stepping back a bit. if swagger is purely a documentation layer of your REST endpoints. why is a generator necesary? initial convenience to get you up and running faster? it looks like a one an done type deal.

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[12:12:47] <BadApe> hi, i was wondering if there is a way to limit the number of tcp connections for a http/tcp service?

[15:21:34] <temporalfox> BadApe probably there is an OS limit

[15:21:44] <temporalfox> well there is at least an OS limit

[15:21:53] <temporalfox> like file descriptors, etc…

[15:22:47] <temporalfox>

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[16:36:33] <ChicagoJohn> ive seen some codegen tools work with vertx. all of the endpoints are built on top of the event bus. is that standard? or is that just one way to implement it?

[16:55:32] <temporal_> ChicagoJohn do you mean the service proxy ?

[16:58:18] <ChicagoJohn> im not sure honestly.

[16:58:30] <ChicagoJohn> this is the output of the codegen.

[16:58:41] <ChicagoJohn>

[16:58:52] <ChicagoJohn> and here is an example of the verticle

[16:59:14] <ChicagoJohn> all of the endpoints are declared as eventbus consumer's

[16:59:34] <ChicagoJohn> is that a normal design strategy for vertx?

[17:00:11] <ChicagoJohn> im new to all of this so im doing alot of implementation research

[17:28:15] <temporal_> it's swagger code generation not vertx code generation

[17:28:46] <temporal_>

[17:29:03] <temporal_> created from

[17:59:24] <ChicagoJohn> i understand that, im just asking is the resulting code a normal practice

[17:59:42] <ChicagoJohn> is it normal to push everything through the event bus like his code does