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[13:18:31] <AlexLehm> temporal_: I haven't looked at the code yet, I assume the connect code resolves the ip address and then the java ssl code does the cert validation based on the ip address, which is wrong

[13:18:46] <temporal_> ok

[13:19:42] <AlexLehm> will take a look tonight

[14:44:04] <puchka> Hello, can someone point me to a ressource concerning session management in Vert.x with Java?

[14:56:05] <ivanovdns> hi there!

[14:56:06] <ivanovdns> I have one verticle which gets some info from db periodically. This verticle has one eventbus.consumer too. When periodical call handles some info from DB it sends this data to local consumer (inside the same verticle). Why sometimes periodical call has a new info but it doesn't call consumer at all. What should I check? Hazelcast?

[15:03:54] <ivanovdns> by the way. Local consumer uses vertx.executeBlocking(). It looks like when this code works consumer doesn't handle new messages from eventbus.

[15:04:04] <ivanovdns> And they are expiring..

[15:04:09] <ivanovdns> is it possible?

[15:09:10] <temporal_> ivanovdns this is a known issue

[15:09:24] <temporal_> if you send a message a wait for a reply then block

[15:09:31] <temporal_> in execute blocking

[15:13:28] <ivanovdns> so.. I can't use executeBlocking in several threads, is it?

[15:19:55] <ivanovdns> Can I use Multi-threaded worker verticles instead of executeBlocking? Then it can't miss messages?

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[21:40:06] <altaruk> hey guys, I just found out about vertx and was wondering if there's any relevant opensource project to see it working at full potential?