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[14:58:55] <whitenexx> Hi together, does somebody know how to buffer messages from rabbitmq within vertx? My problem is that my rabbitmq to vertx eventbus mapper consumers all rabbitmq messages. I would like to only consume/buffer 20 messages instead of all

[16:17:53] <Sticky_> whitenexx: afaik at the moment vertx still does not have a concept of buffering/backlog on the eventbus (I dont know anything about rabbit specifically). But look at the rx stuff, there is a lot of stuff in there for controlling the backlog/rate etc of emmiting events

[18:45:58] <whitenexx> Sticky_: is it possible to get the number of waiting messages on the event bus?

[18:46:19] <whitenexx> for a specific address

[19:12:53] <Sticky_> whitenexx: well the event buss has no backlog, so there cannot be any waiting messages

[19:14:28] <whitenexx> ok thank you Sticky_, so my rabbit messages have to be buffered elsewhere (seems like the rabbit client is doing this)

[19:14:54] <whitenexx> i already found a method called “basicQos()”

[19:15:12] <whitenexx> i'll test it, maybe i can rate limit the messages with that