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[10:41:15] <puchka> Hello all, I can't disconnect the user when calling clearUser() on the context

[10:41:21] <puchka> I use MongoAuth

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[20:01:35] <LaSombra|home> /j #fedora

[20:19:42] <petto> Does every class using vertx need to be child of AbstractVertical? Is it correct to receive vertx instance by method's argument ?

[21:06:49] <LaSombra|home> identify ihoffmann

[22:26:52] <temporalfox> petto no it does not have to be a Verticle

[22:27:20] <temporalfox> petto you can use Vertx without that, you only use Verticle if you need components

[22:34:50] <petto> temporalfox: can I have multiples instances of vertx ?

[22:35:11] <temporalfox> yes, if you need them