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[12:48:18] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [17:37:34] <michelguillet> Hello guys [17:38:02] <michelguillet> Did someone ever tried to do some kind of simple broker message system with the vert.x stack? [17:39:12] <michelguillet> I[unknown:rsquo]m currently investigating STOMP but the server in Vert.x lacks persistence. [17:39:54] <michelguillet> I[unknown:rsquo]m tempted to implemented something extending the STOMP to get me this persistence I need. [17:40:13] <michelguillet> Anyone have been there before me? [17:45:23] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

[19:35:58] <asynco> is anybody here ?

[19:36:05] <asynco> I'm doing a project using vert.x3 and mongodb ( java ). I'm using the mongodb async driver on my project. I was wondering how the mongo driver will attach to the event queue the events properly,I feel that using the mongoDB async driver, I'm doing the work outside the vertx eventloop. is any way to add that to the vertx eventloop ? Am I wrong about that ?

[22:02:37] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

[22:18:17] <AlexLehm> temporalfox: you are in greece toay?

[22:18:25] <temporalfox> this week I am

[22:18:30] <temporalfox> how do you know that ?

[22:18:44] <AlexLehm> the ip address from the irc connect

[22:18:49] <temporalfox> :-)

[22:20:09] <AlexLehm> ok, but that is not what I wanted to ask, when doing HTTP/2, the usual connection is ssl, but under which conditions a plain connection is used?

[22:20:32] <AlexLehm> I am wondering if there is a use-case with a program, but it will probably not work since the protocol is quite different

[22:37:20] <AlexLehm> program → proxy