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[16:28:31] <sannegrinovero_> hi all, being new to vertx but trying to help fixing some tests: would you have a hint on how to get more details about the following error I see in the logs:

[16:28:32] <sannegrinovero_> 03:27:03;SEVERE;vert.x-eventloop-thread-0;io.vertx.core.impl.ContextImpl;null;Unhandled exception

[16:30:28] <sannegrinovero_> that's all I have in the logs.

[16:49:38] <Sticky_> all I can recommend for that is seeing if you can break point at ContextImpl.wrapTask where I presume that log line comes from

[16:53:55] <sannegrinovero_> thanks Sticky_, that helps

[18:26:16] <sannegrinovero_> looks like I can't trust line numbers in stacktraces, when comparing the source of an NPE with the vertx core sources I'm running?

[18:26:39] <sannegrinovero_> is there anything during the build which is messing with the sources?

[18:45:20] <temporalfox> hi

[18:45:39] <temporalfox> hi sannegrinovero_

[18:45:58] <sannegrinovero_> hi temporalfox!

[18:46:12] <temporalfox> I don't have much time right now, it is soon dinner

[18:46:27] <sannegrinovero_> sure np, was about to get out as well

[18:46:31] <temporalfox> ok

[18:46:41] <sannegrinovero_> just wondering, is it expected that line numbers don't match?

[18:47:38] <temporalfox> it may be a maven repo issue

[18:47:47] <temporalfox> that the sources are not deployed correctly in snapshot repo

[18:48:11] <temporalfox> best is to reinstall from vertx-core

[18:48:18] <sannegrinovero_> they seem to be, as if I make a change, I see the corresponding shift in line numbers

[18:48:50] <sannegrinovero_> but I obviously can't have an NPE thrown from a line which just has a closing bracket :)

[18:48:55] <temporalfox> yes

[18:49:10] <temporalfox> indeed

[18:49:30] <sannegrinovero_> ok, thanks I'll wipe it all and double check