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[09:00:54] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [11:54:20] <aesteve> hi everyone ! [11:54:43] <aesteve> thanks for your answer re. thread blocked temporalfox [11:54:51] <temporalfox> hi [11:54:57] <temporalfox> good to see you back! [11:55:15] <aesteve> I failed into a small issue while upgrading to 3.3.2, didn't find it within the changelog [11:55:25] <temporalfox> what is it ? [11:55:37] <aesteve> router.route(“/my/route/*”) doesn't match any longer [11:55:44] <aesteve> it's been replaced with routeWithRegex [11:55:56] <aesteve> which actually makes sense, but is a really major change [11:56:24] <aesteve> is it expected or am I missing something ? [11:56:39] <temporalfox> send an email on vertx-dev about it and ask confirmation [11:56:52] <temporalfox> and that it should be mentionned as blocking change in Vert.x 3.3.3 change log [11:57:06] <aesteve> ok will do, thanks [11:58:14] <temporalfox> what's up beside that ? [11:58:19] <temporalfox> vacations are over ? [11:59:41] <aesteve> no vacations this summer only long weekends [12:00:08] <aesteve> I'm waiting for january/february when it's cold here to go to some sunny places ;) [12:00:50] <temporalfox> ah yes [12:00:51] <temporalfox> new job [12:02:17] <aesteve> and you ? [12:02:20] <aesteve> how are you ? [12:06:37] <temporalfox> some holidays [12:06:46] <temporalfox> I went to a very nice conference in crete [12:07:01] <temporalfox> and now I'm working on a new talk for a conf in poland [12:07:12] <temporalfox> + working also on 3.3.3 [12:07:19] <temporalfox> well contributing to :-) [12:08:02] <aesteve>!topic/vertx-dev/1gRtbY5RwzQ [12:08:05] <temporalfox> but I'm in a more relaxed mode than June and early July (with the 3.3.0 and 3.3.1+3.3.2) [12:08:15] <aesteve> yeah sure [12:08:19] <aesteve> great work btw [12:08:40] <aesteve> didn't have the chance to contribute since I was busy but I upgraded most of my apps to the latest Vert.x versions [12:39:02] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

[12:46:03] <aesteve> there's some really really weird stuff with route matchin actually

[12:46:51] <aesteve> router.routeWithRegex(“/api/*”).handler(CorsHandler.create(“*)); doesn't match http.getNow(”/api/v1/stuff“)

[12:47:05] <aesteve> but router.route().handler(CorsHandler.create(“*”)) does

[12:48:20] <aesteve> I must be doing something wrong, that's such a huge bug that unit testing would have detected it

[12:49:28] <Sticky_> do you need router.routeWithRegex(”/api/.*“) ?

[12:51:46] <aesteve> i was using router.route(”/api/*“) and it used to work fine

[12:52:40] <aesteve> but yeah, thanks

[12:52:46] <Sticky_> router.route does not say its a regex

[12:52:49] <aesteve> ”.*“ works (and makes more sense

[12:53:04] <aesteve> yeah Sticky_ but in Vert.x past versions it used to work

[12:53:28] <aesteve> without the ”.“

[12:53:36] <aesteve> since it wasn't really a regex, just a wildcard

[12:54:06] <Sticky_> but using router.route not router.routeWithRegex, I assume if you used router.routeWithRegex then /api/* would not have worked in the past

[12:54:28] <Sticky_> i.e you cant change the call and expect the old matcher to work

[12:54:35] <aesteve> yeah

[12:54:49] <aesteve> what I'm confused about is that router.route(”/api/*“) no longer works

[12:55:28] <aesteve> but thanks, routeWithRegex with an actually valid regex works, thanks for the help

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[21:13:13] <myghty> hm… is there a way to do load balancing as well for normal service records

[21:13:20] <myghty> or is that up to me doing it manually?

[22:04:50] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [22:43:49] <AlexLehm> myghty: for http or which service? [23:20:22] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox