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[09:26:33] <fraik> clear

[09:26:36] <fraik> hrmpf

[19:34:30] <havv> Hi, I am new to VertX. I have written a Verticle which has a while loop that constantly reads from an input stream and publishes to an event bus. I have set this Verticle to be a worker but I still get the BlockedThreadChecker warnings. Is there a better way to run this code?

[20:15:45] <myghty> havv: there is a small wrapper to run blocked code with callbacks

[20:16:39] <havv> myghty: you mean vertx.executeBlocking ?

[20:16:55] <myghty> jep

[20:17:45] <havv> it says in the docs that setting the verticle as a worker has the same effect

[20:18:11] <myghty> ah okay

[20:18:13] <myghty> hm…

[20:18:17] <myghty> did not read that

[20:18:24] <myghty> need to buy groceries back in a few min

[20:23:57] <havv> I read that I can sort of disable the warning, but I'm just worried I'm doing something stupid

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