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[13:57:32] <Lone_Rifle> Hello, I'm struggling to file a PR for the computeIfAbsent feature proposal that I brought up yesterday, and am getting tripped up by Eclipse's ip-validator

[13:58:06] <Lone_Rifle> I've signed the CLA and ensured that the commit was done using the email address that I used to sign up for a Eclipse account. ip-validator insists that I am using GitHub's noreply address

[14:00:49] <Lone_Rifle> disregard, GitHub for Windows betrayed me. brb.

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[21:43:51] <myghty> hey guys

[21:43:58] <myghty> just a short architectural question…

[21:44:17] <myghty> I am experimenting with vert.x and try to build a small network of microservice nodes

[21:44:33] <myghty> therefore I built an entry node which receives http requests on 8080

[21:45:00] <myghty> the other verticles choose random ports, and announce their api via service discovery

[21:45:28] <myghty> the interesting part is now: at the moment I just forward from the entry point the http requests to the corresponding services…

[21:45:59] <myghty> Might it be useful to instead use service proxies implement some kind of “handle http request” method?

[21:46:12] <myghty> and call them then via the service proxy?