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[07:48:55] <antipsychiatry> Inform your frends : “You have no idea how cruel psychiatry is.

[07:48:55] <antipsychiatry> … This is really a battle between good and evil.”

[07:48:55] <antipsychiatry> Psychiatrist Peter R. Breggin

[07:48:55] <antipsychiatry>

[07:55:21] <myghty> hey guys :)

[07:55:43] <myghty> just a short question: I have two verticles interacting and would like to test that in a unit test

[07:56:13] <myghty> but as soon as I deploy both verticles in the before method I run into the problem that the unit-tests never finish

[07:56:39] <myghty> vertx.deployVerticle(SomeVerticle.class.getName(), context.asyncAssertSuccess());

[07:56:54] <myghty> this is how I deploy both of them in the @Before thingy

[08:07:09] <myghty> I think this might be because I am not able to finish both async handlers…

[08:07:20] <myghty> any idea how to solve this?

[08:29:18] <temporal_> myghty why doesn't it finish ?

[08:30:18] <temporal_> what do you mean by finish ?

[08:30:25] <temporal_> the before phase does not end ?

[08:30:28] <temporal_> or the test itself ?

[11:34:20] <myghty> temporal_: the test itself

[11:34:43] <myghty> basically as soon as I do not deploy the secondVertical, it works fine

[11:34:49] <myghty> but since I need both… :(

[11:35:02] <temporal_> myghty so the test does not even begin ?

[11:35:12] <myghty> it does begin

[11:35:14] <myghty> walk through

[11:35:26] <myghty> well, let me paste you my code to pastebin

[11:36:39] <myghty>

[11:37:07] <myghty> It basically stops at line 25… or better: never does anything and after about 2 minutes my test fails

[11:38:23] <myghty> as soon as I remove line 6, it works fine

[11:43:52] <myghty> temporal_: any ideas? :)

[11:45:10] <temporal_> what does it print ?

[11:45:18] <temporal_> Setup completed at least ?

[11:50:32] <myghty> temporal_: it prints Async completed at last

[11:50:43] <myghty> but never finishes the testrun

[11:51:02] <temporal_> does it start testServiceRouterAvailability method ?

[11:51:17] <myghty> jep

[11:51:21] <myghty> it goes through the whole method

[11:51:39] <myghty> and prints all of the outputs there :)

[11:51:40] <temporal_> ok

[11:51:51] <temporal_> and teardown does not begin ?

[11:52:00] <myghty> looks like it

[11:52:05] <myghty> let me place another print there

[11:52:46] <temporal_> does it print “System.out.println(“Async completed”);” ?

[11:53:26] <myghty> jep

[11:53:26] <temporal_> btw you should set error handlers on the http client

[11:53:27] <myghty> it does

[11:53:29] <temporal_> ok

[11:53:39] <myghty> and it also completes the teardown

[11:53:50] <temporal_> so what is the problem :) ?

[11:54:16] <myghty> junit never shows the test as succesfull

[11:54:23] <myghty> it just holds there

[11:54:26] <myghty> and after 2 minutes

[11:54:31] <temporal_> ok

[11:54:32] <myghty> junit stops and notes the test as failed

[11:54:40] <temporal_> can you make a thread dump ?

[11:54:47] <myghty> mom

[11:55:03] <temporal_> if you could share a version it would be great

[11:55:04] <temporal_> need to go now

[12:02:14] <myghty> temporal_: :)

[13:10:36] *** sets mode: +o temporal_

[13:25:13] <AlexLehm> myghty: i think you cannot use asyncAssertSuccess twice in one method

[14:08:50] <myghty> AlexLehm: even if I take one of them (or even both) out, it does not work

[14:09:10] <AlexLehm> you have to start both asynchronous I think

[14:09:11] <myghty> only if I remove the deployment of the second verticle completely

[14:15:09] <AlexLehm>

[14:15:19] <AlexLehm> could you please try ths

[14:16:26] <myghty> AlexLehm: gimme a sec :)

[14:17:08] <myghty> does not work as well

[14:17:23] <myghty> same behaviour

[14:17:51] <myghty> (btw to your offline message problem: as vert.x gets more and more popular I think there will be more and more experienced people around to answer questions faster :)

[14:25:54] <AlexLehm> yes probably

[14:27:42] <myghty> I guess at least I will be around way more often in the future :D just came across this and it got me ;P

[14:27:55] <myghty> still a lot to learn… but hey :) everyone starts out small

[14:28:40] <AlexLehm> yeah, you're right

[14:29:07] <AlexLehm> i will try your unit test with 2 verticles that just wait a few seconds on startup, maybe i can reproduce the issue

[14:34:59] <AlexLehm> i should point out one “thinking error” I made a lot when testing vert.x code, if you write something like operation1() ;operation2();“setup finished”);, the log entry will happen before the operations are finished if they are async

[14:35:11] <AlexLehm> that is a bit misleading sometimes

[15:02:36] <AlexLehm> myghty: maybe an exception happens somewhere, can you try it like this

[20:13:58] <AlexLehm> myghty: you are right, they way its used in your test class, more than one async assert is working

[20:14:34] <AlexLehm> i have test working with a dummy server for the http, if the same is not working in our test, maybe the error happens in one of the classes under test