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[17:43:37] <daum> hey guys - is blocking in a setPeriodic bad? or does that get off loaded to a worker thread?

[18:23:34] <temporalfox> daum any blocking is bad

[18:23:53] <temporalfox> if you block in an event loop it blocks the processing

[18:24:17] <temporalfox> if you execute periodic from a worker, it will delay other execution of the same periodic

[18:24:25] <temporalfox> but you can do it though

[18:58:53] <daum> temporalfox, oh ok - that's fine it's just a periodic that runs every 30 minutes, and parses in a file that takes about 3 seconds. I wasn't sure if the periodics were on their own event loop or were on the main event loop which reads off inbound requests