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[19:09:44] <Tuminilo> Does the TCP eventbus bridge receive all events and works like an interceptor or does it only register handlers for the events that clients have registered handlers for?

[19:10:48] <Tuminilo> i.e. is it efficient in the way it receives events? or does it just receive everything and filter it?

[21:21:45] <Tuminilo> Ignore that question.

[21:23:02] <Tuminilo> I have another question: I'm using an interceptor and the message body is always null, why is this?

[21:23:29] <Tuminilo> vertx.eventBus().addInterceptor(sendContext → { System.out.println(“Received event to ” + sendContext.message().address() + “ with body ” + sendContext.message().body()); });

[21:23:31] <Tuminilo> simple enough code

[21:24:47] <Tuminilo> I get null for the body each time, no matter what I send over the bus.