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[00:11:18] <non-blocking> maybe @temporalfox knows the answer

[00:11:24] <temporalfox> hi

[00:11:37] <non-blocking> I'm using mongodb async driver ? do you guys see any problem using it ? I mean, mongo driver async will create his own event loop.

[00:11:42] <temporalfox> vertx provides a mongodb async driver

[00:11:43] <non-blocking> what kind of problems would happen ?

[00:11:47] <temporalfox> I mean an integration for

[00:11:56] <non-blocking> one 'issue' could be a race condition on closure variables . I mean, two threads modifying variables ( vertx eventloop and mongo async driver event loop ). am I correct ?

[00:12:01] <temporalfox>

[00:12:13] <non-blocking> just saw the vertx mongo, but missing some methods

[00:12:17] <non-blocking> for instance, findAndModify

[00:12:27] <non-blocking> and aggregations

[00:12:51] <non-blocking> so, my question is, what kind of problem would happen using mongo async driver

[00:12:51] <non-blocking> ?

[00:13:32] <temporalfox> I don't know precisely

[00:13:42] <temporalfox> I don't know how this driver works

[00:13:51] <temporalfox> i.e which thread make the callback

[00:14:02] <temporalfox> I think the best is to look at the mongo client

[00:14:07] <temporalfox> and see how it does

[00:14:12] <temporalfox> and do the same manually

[00:14:34] <non-blocking> for instance, the async driver uses nio/netty

[00:14:59] <non-blocking> it spanw his own event loop

[00:16:02] <temporalfox> I see

[00:16:24] <temporalfox> so I htink the callback should be done on the current vertx thread

[00:16:32] <temporalfox> it would be great if the same thread could be used though

[00:16:42] <non-blocking> the computation, right ?

[00:16:43] <temporalfox> i.e force mongo to reuse vertx thread

[00:16:51] <temporalfox> as both are netty threads

[00:16:55] <temporalfox> and the same tech

[00:17:01] <non-blocking> what kind of problem you see without using the verx thread ?

[00:17:04] <temporalfox> it's actually an ithread

[00:17:19] <temporalfox> memory visibility issue

[00:17:30] <temporalfox> if you are inside a verticle and access verticle state

[00:17:45] <non-blocking> gotcha

[00:18:05] <non-blocking> I could see a stale value

[00:18:14] <temporalfox> I'm wondering if the same thread could be used

[00:20:03] <non-blocking> yeah, really don't know

[00:20:21] <non-blocking> if it possible, how could I pass the vertx event loop to mongo

[00:21:20] <temporalfox> by using the vertx COntext object

[00:21:27] <temporalfox> which provides the netty event loop of this context

[00:21:51] <non-blocking> can I see any example of this ?

[00:21:57] <non-blocking> would help a lot

[00:22:55] <temporalfox>

[00:23:01] <temporalfox> integrating netty chapter

[00:23:14] <temporalfox> context.nettyEventLoop();

[00:23:26] <non-blocking> thank you for your time

[00:23:29] <non-blocking> and patience !

[00:23:49] <temporalfox> you're welcome

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