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[02:36:05] <Wags> So, I've noticed that with Futures, if I'm running multiple Mysql (Via JDBC) queries, and I'm completed the future after the query succeeded, that composite futures will refuse to run their handler.

[02:41:41] <Wags> I need to wait for all the queries to complete to run some other code (Things are cross linked, and I need to react after all of them are inserted).

[03:13:41] <Wags> Hello?

[03:16:26] <shvalb> Hi guys,

[03:17:15] <Wags> Hey

[03:17:40] <shvalb> I have a question regarding using the eventbus from 2 vertices. I setup a cluster of 2 nodes on the same machine and in the logs I see that each node is aware of the other. but when I send a message from one node to the other it get an exception that there is “No Handler” to serve this message

[03:18:19] <shvalb> the address does exist because the other node use it explicitly.

[03:19:00] <shvalb> to make things short - what can be the reasons for a node to not be able to pass messages through the EventBus on a clustered environment (by the way - all nodes are on the same machine).

[03:20:05] <Wags> I've never messed with clustering, I'm actually gonna start playing with it in the next month or so. But, basic tech support method, say Node 1 is sending the message to Node 2, does Node 2 actually have a handler to handle the message?

[03:31:59] <shvalb> WAgs: ofcourse - the same handle's address is used internally by the node.

[03:32:24] <shvalb> node1 uses it internally, but node2 fails when sending a message to the same address of node1.

[03:33:00] <shvalb> It worked for me for a while, and suddenly it stopped working and I can't figure out what has changed.

[03:34:32] <Wags> Are you using Git? Could go back to the commit where it was working, and see what changed there. Short of that and turning it off and back on again, I'm no help as I don't have any experience with clustering Vertx.

[03:35:48] <shvalb> unfortunately, no…

[03:36:04] <shvalb> no worries…that's ok.

[04:49:14] <shvalb> Guys, How do initialize Vertx to use 'blockedThreadCheckInterval??

[04:49:20] <shvalb> I used it as following:

[04:49:55] <shvalb> super.vertx = Vertx.vertx(new VertxOptions() .setBlockedThreadCheckInterval(5*60*1000));

[04:50:18] <shvalb> but it ruins the clustering of this node.

[10:13:33] <temporalfox> shvalb you can use a named worker pool since 3.3

[10:13:38] <temporalfox> with a different configuration

[10:14:35] <temporalfox> you can do that per verticle

[10:14:51] <temporalfox> or use dirctly vertx#createSharedWorkerExecutor()

[10:15:00] <temporalfox> to execute blocking blocks

[10:15:08] <temporalfox> one of them takes the maxExecuteTime

[14:37:04] <shvalb> temporalfox: Can you share more information of how to use `VertxOptions#setBlockedThreadCheckInterval` properly please….

[16:49:25] <shvalb> Hi all,

[16:49:49] <shvalb> Question: I have 2 verticle nodes.

[16:51:47] <shvalb> Node1: using the EventBus sends messages to node2.

[16:52:38] <shvalb> I noticed that when I use the EventBus#consume it doesn't invoke the 'REGISTER' event on the Bridge - Isn't it supposed to ?

[17:19:32] <shvalb> someone please take a look at my question here:

[17:19:34] <shvalb>!topic/vertx/vO6rwBVfsKs

[17:19:41] <shvalb> Thanks!