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 +[10:55:05] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o temporal_
 +[14:30:52] <​D-Spair>​ Is there a way to "​unregister"​ an eventbus consumer?
 +[14:31:37] <​D-Spair>​ I'm working on some unit tests, and I want to unregister a consumer at the end of the test so that subsequent tests do not get interfered with.
 +[14:33:02] <​D-Spair>​ NVM, I just found it...
 +[15:11:45] <​temporal_>​ D-Spair if you create one vertx instance per test, no need to unregister, it is done automatically
 +[21:19:01] <​BadApe>​ i was wondering how i access the User after authentication on subsequent requests?