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[10:08:07] <temporal_> ppatiern hi

[10:08:31] <ppatiern> temporal_: hi !

[10:09:52] <ppatiern> temporal_ : I'm quite new here … I was not sure that temporal was you I know as temporalfox :-)

[10:10:02] <temporal_> it's because IRC changed my name

[10:10:06] <temporal_> probably due to reconnect :-)

[10:13:09] <ppatiern> temporal_ how do we have to procede ?

[10:19:30] <temporal_> let's work first on the project

[10:19:33] <temporal_> then we will do the list stuff

[10:19:41] <temporal_> and possibly do the CI too

[10:21:32] <ppatiern> we have to move my repo from my personal github account to vert-x3 organization right ?

[10:21:39] <temporal_> no

[10:21:44] <temporal_> we can create a new project

[10:21:45] <ppatiern> ah ok :-)

[10:21:47] <temporal_> and then you just push there

[10:21:52] <temporal_> in a branch named “initial-work”

[10:21:58] <ppatiern> why not just moving ?

[10:22:10] <ppatiern> I did it with github more times for other projects

[10:25:41] <temporal_> because moving mean I need to give you rights

[10:25:42] <temporal_> in the organization

[10:28:16] <ppatiern> yes right … and I guess that it's not the way you used. Ok … so you have to create the repo for me under vert-x3 giving rights for committing

[10:34:04] <temporal_> yes

[10:34:11] <temporal_> going to do that now

[10:34:19] <ppatiern> ok

[10:36:30] <temporal_> whats your github ID ?

[10:36:35] <ppatiern> ppatierno

[10:36:44] <ppatiern> (note the final “o” … I lost here :-))

[10:39:05] <temporal_> ok

[10:40:56] <temporal_>

[10:41:04] <temporal_> push your work in a “initial-work” branch

[10:41:05] <temporal_> there

[10:41:18] <ppatiern> ok

[10:42:05] <ppatiern> the master should be empty ?

[10:44:19] <temporal_> yes

[10:44:23] <temporal_> it will be merged after

[10:44:28] <temporal_> it is explaiend in vertx wiki

[10:44:31] <temporal_> you should read it

[10:44:37] <temporal_> in the component maintainer guide

[10:46:54] <temporal_> you should subscribe to vertx and vertx-dev mailing lists

[10:47:06] <temporal_> and I will subscribe you to the vertx commiters list

[10:47:45] <temporal_> you should also make a PR on this repo

[10:47:46] <ppatiern> I'm reading this but no information I need

[10:47:48] <temporal_>

[10:47:57] <temporal_> to add yourself as part of vertx commiters

[10:48:22] <temporal_> ppatiern it's there actually :-)

[11:06:12] <temporal_> any progress ppatiern ?

[11:06:37] <ppatiern> trying to push without losing history

[11:07:41] <ppatiern> first time I have to push to a different remote but on a different branch

[11:08:03] <ppatiern> I added vertx-mqtt-server as new remote in my local project

[11:08:35] <ppatiern> I named it new-origin

[11:10:24] <ppatiern> before pushing with git push new-origin initial-work

[11:10:35] <ppatiern> I'm trying to create empty branch under the vertx repo

[11:11:56] <temporal_> you dont need to

[11:11:58] <temporal_> you should do

[11:12:02] <temporal_> git checkout -b initial-work

[11:12:03] <temporal_> then

[11:12:11] <temporal_> git push new-origin initial-work

[11:14:38] <ppatiern> Permission to vert-x3/vertx-mqtt-server.git denied to ppatierno

[11:14:58] <ppatiern> fatal: unable to access '': The requested URL returned error: 403

[11:15:14] <temporal_> did you accept the github invitation ?

[11:15:34] <temporal_> you are not yet part of vertx commiters

[11:16:23] <ppatiern> done

[11:16:29] <ppatiern> I checked red hat email

[11:16:38] <ppatiern> not my personal email related to my github account

[11:16:45] <temporal_> should be good to push now

[11:16:51] <ppatiern>

[11:18:48] <ppatiern> next step ?

[11:19:11] <temporal_> awesome tastic

[11:19:14] <temporal_> the web-site

[11:19:28] <temporal_> you should make a PR there

[11:19:30] <temporal_> similar ot

[11:19:30] <temporal_>

[11:19:36] <temporal_> with your stuff

[11:20:06] <ppatiern> ok

[11:20:21] <ppatiern> I'll do it … now ! ;)

[11:32:19] <ppatiern> PR done

[11:34:05] <temporal_> cool

[11:34:16] <temporal_> now you should subscribe to vertx and vertx-dev mailing list

[11:34:31] <temporal_> and give me your email so I subscribe you to the vertx commiters list

[11:34:36] <temporal_> and you should accept it

[11:34:50] <temporal_> you should also send an email to “vertx” google group to announce your project

[11:34:55] <temporal_> and explain what it does , etc…

[11:35:10] <ppatiern> can you give me all these addresses ? :-)

[11:35:16] <ppatiern> btw my address is ppatierno at live dot com

[11:36:52] <temporal_> they can be found on website

[11:36:56] <ppatiern> ok

[11:38:11] <temporal_> you should have received the invitation for the committers group

[11:38:16] <temporal_> next step is CI

[11:38:43] <temporal_> also we need to make the project uses Vert.x snapshots maybe

[11:38:49] <temporal_> but we can do that later

[11:38:55] <temporal_> when it is included in stack

[11:38:57] <ppatiern> just accepted

[11:39:04] <temporal_> unless I add new features in vertx core for mqtt

[11:39:13] <temporal_> like improving soem internal API it uses

[11:39:26] <temporal_> like the multi reactor scalling support

[11:40:32] <ppatiern> ok

[11:40:46] <temporal_>

[12:55:39] <ppatiern> temporal_ : do we need the documentation as for example here ?

[14:23:32] <temporal_> ppatiern it will come later

[14:23:40] <temporal_> when released

[14:23:43] <temporal_> for documention look at how it is done in other projects

[14:23:57] <temporal_> I'll help you set it up

[14:24:02] <ppatiern> ok

[14:24:10] <temporal_> (or someone else)

[17:09:44] <brunoais> Hey guys. How do I deal with “” ( )?

[17:09:51] <brunoais> ups

[17:09:58] <brunoais> I meant to quote this:

[17:10:07] <brunoais> A concrete interface cannot extend more than one concrete interfaces