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[09:57:04] <jase> Hi all, I'm seeing something odd, not sure whats going on. I have a simple vertx3 tcp NetServer and NetSocket listener. all works flawlessly when client→server are on the same host. but when I run the server on a different host, when the client closed, the server despite the sock.closeHandler being called fails to actually close the socket, hence open files abound, and netstat says connections are ESTABLISHED. close the application, all

[09:57:36] <jase> also after a configured IdleTimeout, the connections are properly closed.

[09:59:14] <jase> does anyon ehave any idea what might be going on? -the only difference in server logs re local vs remote are that when run remote the server gets a number of ' Connection reset by peer' exceptions. the sock.closeHandler still fires though. but sockets arent closed.

[10:00:19] <jase> I'll clarify - some sockets arent closed. if I hammer the server from a remote client a great many sockets remain open and hundreds of thousands of open files remain