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[08:12:48] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [10:36:08] <Mehar> Hi Vertx, doesn't expose ssl handshake timeout for https client/server [10:36:29] <Mehar> Shall i file a issue for this/ [14:25:45] <ppatiern> temporalfox: hi ! [14:26:00] <temporalfox> ppatiern hi [14:26:21] <ppatiern> temporalfox: I'm trying to run my MQTT server in a Verticle [14:26:30] <ppatiern> I see that HttpServer works like a charm [14:26:30] <temporalfox> I don't have much time today ppatiern [14:26:35] <temporalfox> tmorrow it will be better [14:26:39] <ppatiern> ok [15:16:27] <ppatiern> temporalfox: just a “yes” or “no” and then we'll speak tomorrow. In order to have MQTT server running in more deployed verticles so listening on same address and port, do we need something like sharedHttpServers and sharedNetServer in the VertxImpl class ? [15:16:37] <temporalfox> yes [15:16:45] <temporalfox> but if we take NetServer [15:16:49] <temporalfox> and make its handler plugable [15:16:52] <temporalfox> then we will have it [15:16:54] <temporalfox> so don't do it now [15:17:04] <temporalfox> and let's look at NetServer reusability rather [15:17:08] <temporalfox> soon [15:17:15] <temporalfox> (we can stil ltalk tomorrow) [15:17:40] <ppatiern> ok ;) [15:17:43] <ppatiern> thanks ! [15:21:39] <temporalfox> meanwhile can you look at the talk abstract and title for summit :-) ? [15:21:46] <temporalfox> I'm currently in F2F meeting [15:23:26] <ppatiern> I wrote you the idea on the shared document [15:23:30] <ppatiern> did you read it ? [15:23:52] <ppatiern> or did you write it ? :-) [15:23:56] <ppatiern> let me check the doc sorry [15:24:39] <ppatiern> no … there is only the idea I wrote right now [15:26:12] <temporalfox> not yet [15:26:16] <temporalfox> I'm quite busy [15:26:28] <temporalfox> find a few titles [15:26:29] <temporalfox> suggestions [15:26:47] <ppatiern> ok [15:28:51] <temporalfox> I'll be back to Marseille friday [15:29:05] <temporalfox> but tomorrow is relaxed hackathon day [15:29:10] <temporalfox> will have time [15:29:18] <ppatiern> ok [15:29:37] <ppatiern> regarding mqtt server I need verticles for Hono … so it's an important and huge step [23:25:03] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox