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[13:13:56] <Faris> Hi, I'm trying to set up clustered http services with vertx+hazelcast. anybody here with experience with the cluster.xml file?

[13:16:56] <Faris> What is the meaning of <interface> and <member> in the <join> <tcp-ip> </tcp-ip> </join> conf ?

[13:17:23] <Faris> should I put other members in <member> and the local machine's interface in <interface> ?

[13:22:27] <tsegismont> Faris, have you read Hazelcast's documentation?

[13:45:27] <Faris> tsegismont, I'm using 3.2, and it doesn't say anything about the difference between interface and member in the join tag

[16:21:52] <truk77> Question folks: If I have a number of methods that return a Future, is there a good pattern I can use to “chain” them, so that they execute sequentially?

[16:50:11] <tsegismont> truk77, you need Future#compose, have a look at

[16:55:00] <tsegismont> Faris, it seems to me that the doc was not extensive enough for 3.2. So looking at the 3.6 doc, it's pretty clear what it does: <member> is to list well known members in the cluster. <interface> is to list network interfaces Hazelcast should use

[16:56:57] <tsegismont> I would recommend to use member definitions only in the join element

[20:55:27] <truk77> tsegismont: Belatedly, thanks.