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[19:33:10] <pikajude> is there a library I can use to make vertx act like a reverse proxy, i.e. pass all the requests i get to another server

[19:37:42] <myghty> you can just programm it like that :)

[19:38:06] <myghty> pikajude:

[19:38:22] <pikajude> oh ok

[19:38:33] <pikajude> thanks myghty

[19:44:24] <myghty> no problem

[21:16:44] <pikajude> can I get the port that was used by an HttpServerRequest

[22:28:44] <pikajude> is it possible to parse a JSON chunk into a JsonObject?

[23:12:59] <pikajude> oh

[23:13:05] <pikajude> i can do that…using the JsonObject constructor

[23:13:07] <pikajude> brilliant