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[21:53:33] <curiousguy> hey, can anyone explain what the difference between starting a verticle and deploying a jar with java -jar is

[21:56:59] <AlexLehm> the java -jar command runs a Launcher class that deploys and starts a “main” verticle plus it does some option processing

[21:57:14] <AlexLehm> you can start a verticle in your code as well if you want to write your own main method

[22:14:07] <curiousguy> @AlexLehm ahh

[22:14:16] <curiousguy> I'm doing the 'my first vertx application' tutorial

[22:14:28] <curiousguy> from the blog

[22:15:01] <curiousguy> so when I run java -jar, everything works fine, but when I use vertx start … the statichandler and other routes don't work

[22:15:44] <curiousguy> but the code in the start method works - are you saying I need to write my own method to call the start method?

[22:20:59] <AlexLehm> vertx start will run the verticle as well, but you have to provide the classes in the classpath or in a jar

[22:21:17] <AlexLehm> you do not need a main method with vertx start I think

[22:44:58] <curiousguy> thanks for your help, this stuff is a bit crazy to configure

[23:09:25] <curiousguy> does anyone know how to resolve : Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: io.vertx.core.logging.Log4j2LogDelegateFactory at

[23:16:05] <xkr47> is there a way to spawn operating system processes?