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[03:34:43] <joson> Excuse me. I need to prevent a DataObject class from generating converter. I've tried annotation by @DataObject.generateConverter=false, but it didn't work. How to make it?

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[12:52:00] <musichen> hello to everybody

[12:55:20] <Sticky> yo

[13:36:11] <matrium_> hi, where can I find documentation for the “path” of the io.vertx.ext.web.Router?

[14:02:19] <matrium_> or specifically, how can I capture query parameters?

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[15:30:44] <temporalfox> have you tried vertx web documentation matrium_ ?

[19:27:00] <pikajude> when using vertx with the newrelic java agent, all my transactions are recorded under /NettyDispatcher, but the URLs are recorded properly

[19:27:19] <pikajude> anyone know if there's an easy way to use the URL as the key instead of NettyDispatcher?