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[13:34:15] <Luolong> Hey

[13:34:50] <Luolong> I have a question about asynchrony in Vert.x

[13:37:17] <Luolong> I need to make multiple parallel requests to a REST backend (or multiple REST backends), retrieve their responses and then combine them. How should I go about doing thet from within a Handler?

[14:25:55] <Sticky> Luolong: look at

[14:27:10] <Sticky> note that I think the final result may be executed on a different thread, so you may need to call vertx.runOnContext in the final handler

[14:27:18] <Luolong> So you are saying I should use plain old Java8 CompletableFutures for doing async processing in Vertx ?

[14:27:46] <Sticky> you can use it to compose multiple results

[14:28:06] <Sticky> you can also use rx joins, but its more complex

[14:28:21] <Luolong> I am not using Rx for now …

[14:28:44] <Luolong> Just to explain my background a little.

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[15:53:36] <temporal_> Luolong you can use vert.x CompositeFuture

[15:54:00] <temporal_>