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[03:55:05] <a-reisberg> I'm trying to make vertx run on multiple cores

[03:55:19] <a-reisberg> I'm running it in embedded mode:

[03:55:19] <a-reisberg> Vertx.vertx()

[03:55:50] <a-reisberg> how do I do that?

[03:59:09] <a-reisberg> Or does vertx do that automatically?

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[14:15:56] <ppatiern> temporalfox: Hi

[16:57:27] <wagnandr> Hi, does anyone know which string encoding should be employed for the string payload of the TCP-Eventbus-Bridge?

[18:00:04] <temporalfox> wagnandr it should be UTF-8

[18:00:32] <temporalfox> an issue has been opened recently encoding

[18:06:14] <wagnandr> Okay, then I'm doing it right, thank you very much! :)