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[10:50:04] <s0x> hey guys, im trying to serve my angular2 web-ui using vertx static handler. Everything works fine unless i make use of angulars routes. Vertx tries to find the resource rather then redirecting it to angular. How can i achieve that vertx will forward everything to my angular ui?

[11:08:04] <temporalfox> s0x can you explain how it works HTTP wise ?

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[14:00:24] <dev_zombie> hi there. Is there a way to programatically enable or disable web socket connections at runtime? I want to add something like a feature-switch in order to disable web socket connections when the server gets to much load

[14:12:39] <pmlopes> @dev_zombie you should look at:

[14:13:05] <pmlopes> the event handler allows you to stop the processing of the websocket request

[14:13:36] <pmlopes> with event.complete(false);

[14:18:41] <dev_zombie> ok thank you. So i could look for events of type SOCKET_CREATED and the call event.complete(false). Is the socket not already created at this time?

[14:24:23] <pmlopes> yes the socket is already created because it is passed up from vertx core to vertx-web, but you can force close it at that point. To avoid the socket totally you'd need to bootstrap the bridge by yourself and hack it to do that check for you

[14:27:26] <dev_zombie> ok I think it will be sufficient to close the websocket in the handler

[16:04:06] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [16:40:31] <tamm0r> hi, is there a way to set a “global” exception handler on HttpClient? all i could find was HttpServer(Request|Response).exceptionHandler(), but i always have to set those explicitly [16:44:21] <dev_zombie> I have a question about Cluster-wide locks: When a verticle obtains a lock and then dies (or leaves the cluster), does the lock become released automatically? [18:14:11] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

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