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[11:08:22] <myghty> :)

[11:10:18] <myghty> #workingwithprosonetime…

[11:30:13] <xkr47> hi

[11:30:55] <xkr47> I just wanted to let you know I've started on the unorthodox task of writing a servlet handler for Vert.x :D

[11:31:55] <xkr47> as an enabler for bringing old codebase together with newer stuff until the old codebase is rewritten (if ever)

[11:33:08] <xkr47> I've implemented most of the wrapping needed for a single HttpServlet, weighs in at about 1500 loc

[11:34:38] <xkr47> I don't think I will be implementing any web.xml support but instead allow setting things up using java code.

[11:37:06] <xkr47> I might or might not end up supporting war files to some extent

[12:02:22] <cescoffier> xkr47 : don't forget to submt a PR on vert.x awesome

[12:02:44] <xkr47> we'll have to see

[12:02:52] <xkr47> currently it's in our company private repo

[12:04:03] <xkr47> prototyping a new stack to replace apache and to some extent spring (boot)

[12:04:35] <xkr47> with async endpoints, ldap & postgres etc

[12:05:21] <xkr47> (all of them async I meant)

[12:06:41] <myghty> haha nice xkr47

[12:06:46] <myghty> we are at the moment migrating as well :)

[12:07:07] <xkr47> you have anything public?

[12:07:11] <myghty> sadly not

[12:07:13] <myghty> bank :(

[12:08:57] <xkr47> we will probably be publishing this at some point, I hope :)

[12:09:08] <xkr47> then I can “update” this issue as well :)

[12:09:43] <xkr47> myghty, what kind of tech are you using?

[12:11:12] <xkr47> is there any sets of auth libs for vert.x outside vert.x that you know of?

[12:12:31] <xkr47> basically our initial scope is “http1/2 + tls + client certificate auth + letsencrypt + ldap + postgres + reverse proxy + light servlet container”

[13:49:28] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [15:43:56] <myghty> xkr47: we have another auth system, sorry [16:01:51] * ChanServ sets mode: +o purplefox_

[17:20:42] * ChanServ sets mode: +o purplefox__ [17:21:09] <cescoffier> millrossjez xkr47 even if not public, you can submit a PR with your company logo on [17:26:58] <millrossjez> @xkr47, I don't know if pac4j (and the vert.x impl at vertx-pac4j) will suit your purposes - maybe take a look at that? [17:28:00] <millrossjez> the vert.x impl is just a vert.x wrapper around the (blocking) main pac4j logic, so if pac4j would work for your use-cases then vertx-pac4j should too [18:10:54] * ChanServ sets mode: +o purplefox_

[18:43:47] <Voltasalt> Trying to make a small game server - would having a verticle per game room make sense?

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