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[16:10:36] <D-Spair> Question about CompositeFuture: In the handler, what should the cf.list() method return? I would have expected a List<Future>, but I appears to be getting a List<String>? What are these UUID strings representing?

[16:40:38] <D-Spair> NVM, I see now… It is returning a list of deployment IDs because I the futures are resolving from Verticle deployments…

[16:40:49] <D-Spair> Not what I would have expected though…

[17:46:46] <D-Spair> And a question about composing futures…. For some reason the handler on my `allDone` future is never being called and I cannot explain it:

[17:49:36] <D-Spair> But it works fine when I use ComposableFuture:

[17:49:53] <D-Spair> s/ComposableFuture/CompositeFuture/

[19:36:51] <D-Spair> Nobody?

[19:47:58] <D-Spair> Aha! I found the answer here:

[19:48:09] <D-Spair> The example in the Vert.x manual is wrong…

[20:32:02] <D-Spair> Another question… Why doesn't AsyncMap have a `keySet()` method so that it can be iterated on?

[20:33:31] <D-Spair> NVM, I see why now…