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[01:04:05] <pyuill> I'm new to vertx devel and I have a contribution to submit. Should I just send a pull request or is there a process before that?

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[20:06:36] <D-Spair> Anyone here know if there are problems with the routeWithRegex methods in the Router? It appears that our RegEx is not matching even though we believe it should.

[20:13:59] <myghty> D-Spair: what kind of regex is it?

[20:14:04] <myghty> I had no issues so far

[20:14:19] <myghty> did u use escape chars in ur regex?

[20:18:28] <D-Spair> NVM, it was a difference between Java and POSIX regex…

[20:19:26] <D-Spair> We were expecting that a pattern like /foo.*bar/ would match '/a/b/foo/a/b/c/bar', but that is not how Java regex works…

[20:19:47] <D-Spair> The correct pattern in Java would be /.*foo.*bar.*/

[20:22:44] <myghty> ah jep :)

[20:22:54] <myghty> D-Spair: common issue :)