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[16:35:11] <ppatiern> temporal_: ping

[16:35:22] <temporal_> hi

[16:36:35] <ppatiern> temporal_: I'm starting to look into SSL support for MQTT server (needed for EnMasse) … I took a look on how NetServer uses SslHelper class to have SSL support in the netty pipeline. Is this a reasonable way for doing this ?

[16:36:46] <temporal_> yes

[16:36:53] <temporal_> that's quite easy

[16:36:59] <ppatiern> yes I see

[16:37:00] <temporal_> perhaps it needs some modifs to helper though

[16:37:17] <ppatiern> why ?

[16:37:31] <temporal_> I've also used it in vertx-grpc POC

[16:37:33] <temporal_>

[16:39:07] <temporal_> actually I will try to deconstruct NetServer / NetClient into pieces

[16:39:22] <temporal_> because an mqttserver is also a net server

[16:39:28] <temporal_> so same configuration

[16:39:31] <temporal_> applies

[16:39:33] <ppatiern> yes

[16:39:35] <temporal_> (like in http server)

[16:39:47] <temporal_> and reusing the whole NetServerimpl seems complicated to do

[16:39:52] <temporal_> like we discussed before

[16:40:03] <temporal_> unless there is some kind of AbstractNetServer thing

[16:40:11] <temporal_> that matches ConnectionBase

[16:40:15] <temporal_> or ServerBase

[16:40:21] <temporal_> I tried a bit it make things more complex

[16:41:23] <ppatiern> waiting for your refactoring I'll start with the grpc way

[16:41:55] <ppatiern> the other thing is that on OpenShift we need TLS with SNI … do you have a chance to merge this PR from Ulf

[16:42:00] <temporal_> I'm not sure to do a refactor

[16:42:01] <temporal_> more extract things

[16:42:05] <temporal_> like SSLHelper

[16:42:14] <temporal_> so there would be a BootstrapHelper

[16:42:17] <temporal_> to configure a bootstrap

[16:42:19] <temporal_> or a channel

[16:42:26] <temporal_> with the common options

[16:42:30] <temporal_> that seems more flexible to me

[16:42:48] <ppatiern> agree

[16:43:00] <temporal_> like you are already able to reuse the sslhelper

[16:43:19] <temporal_> or maybe doing a ServerBase would work too

[16:43:26] <temporal_> I can re-try

[16:45:02] <ppatiern> and please check the Ulf's PR it's important for having TLS support on OpenShift (when no HTTP is involved)

[16:45:10] <temporal_> ah yes

[16:45:16] <temporal_> I asked him to redo it

[16:45:48] <temporal_> and he has updated it

[16:45:52] <temporal_> I will review it this week

[16:46:01] <ppatiern> yes afaik he is waiting for you :-)

[16:46:03] <ppatiern> thanks !

[16:47:39] <temporal_> lol

[16:47:40] <temporal_> ok

[16:47:41] <temporal_> sorry

[16:48:27] <ppatiern> no worries ;)

[17:10:36] <matzew> ppatiern hello, any thoughts on this ? :-)

[17:11:35] <ppatiern> matzew: hello ! first of all thanks for you interest on that ;) … I was busy on something different but I'll come back on that as soon as possible !

[17:11:49] <matzew> cool

[17:12:13] <matzew> If you like the idea of leveraging Kafka's Serdes class, I am happy to provide a PR for that too

[17:12:23] <matzew> and can also create a JIRA if you need that :-)

[17:13:04] <ppatiern> I want to figure out how Serdes class works first and then … yes … you contribution could be great ;)

[17:13:09] <ppatiern> *your

[17:14:29] <matzew> cool

[17:14:34] <myghty> since we have a checkstyle rule for that my eye immediately jumps always to if statements without {} :D

[18:03:17] <ppatiern> matzew: ping

[18:03:24] <matzew> hello

[18:04:49] <matzew> ppatiern, pong

[18:04:49] <ppatiern> matzew: I agree on Serdes usage class … please go ahead to modify your PR ;)

[18:04:49] <ppatiern> no rush … whenever you want ;)

[18:04:56] <matzew> ok

[18:05:04] <matzew> not now

[18:05:06] <matzew> :-)

[18:05:16] <ppatiern> matzew: no problem ;)

[18:05:16] <matzew> Going to Italian restaurant soon-ish :-)

[18:05:34] <ppatiern> matzew: where are you based ?

[18:05:37] <matzew> but tomorrow morning, might work here :-)

[18:05:45] <matzew> Germany, as a remote worker ;-)

[18:06:07] <ppatiern> ok … so a lot of italian people there I guess … I hope in a good italian restaurant for you ! ;)

[18:06:41] <matzew> yeah, we have a three good ones in our city

[18:06:48] <matzew> besides the usual pizza/pasta places

[18:06:56] <matzew> but these are more fast-food

[18:07:02] <matzew> this is a real restaurant :-)

[18:07:18] <matzew> ppatiern, where are you located ?

[18:07:24] <matzew> what city ?

[18:07:32] <ppatiern> Naples

[18:07:34] <matzew> ah

[18:07:48] <matzew> Diego Armando Maradona city

[18:07:49] <matzew> :-D

[18:07:52] <ppatiern> so then center of the world for pizza, mozzarella and pasta !

[18:07:54] <ppatiern> yes !

[18:07:55] <ppatiern> :-D

[18:08:12] <matzew> alright, see ya

[18:08:21] <ppatiern> what's your city ?