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[14:54:02] <AlexLehm> temporal_: I have answered the questions from nielsbaloe on the vertx-bus-bower project I hope that makes sense

[15:13:26] <temporal_> AlexLehm where is the question asked ?

[15:14:00] <AlexLehm>

[15:14:30] <AlexLehm> he asked the same questions in the group before, but I didn't answer there

[15:19:04] <temporal_> AlexLehm question should be redirected to the google group

[15:19:45] <AlexLehm> ok, i will copy my answers to an answer msg in the group

[15:21:16] <temporal_> thanks!

[18:45:10] <c00kieM0nster> Is there a way to make Vertx.currentContext().executeBlocking(…) execute in worker threads in a round-robin fashion. Right now all blocking requests are being executed in the same worker thread.

[18:51:43] <temporal_> c00kieM0nster you can use ordered = false to execute tasks in parallel

[18:51:56] <temporal_> it won't be round robin though

[18:53:56] <c00kieM0nster> thanks

[18:54:27] <c00kieM0nster> that's fine, just want to make sure that multiple calls will be executed in parallel.

[19:07:40] <c00kieM0nster> Is there an issue in OSX (Mac Book Pro quad-core with 8 hyper-threads) the default number of event-loop threads is only set to 2 (which happens to be the default per core)?

[19:14:40] <myghty> c00kieM0nster: operating system should not matter

[19:16:56] <temporal_> c00kieM0nster default number of event loop = 2 x cores

[19:16:58] <temporal_> you can override it

[19:18:52] <c00kieM0nster> not able to… missing something for sure

[19:19:00] <c00kieM0nster> I'm using the Launcher

[19:19:41] <c00kieM0nster> Is this the property to override it? -Dvertx.pool-eventloop-size=8

[19:20:00] <c00kieM0nster> Is this the property to override it? -Dvertx.pool.eventloop.size=8

[19:25:14] <myghty> should be

[19:27:51] <c00kieM0nster> I only see 2 event-loop threads in jvisualvm

[19:28:59] <c00kieM0nster> Are all event-loop threads created on initialization? Or are they created on demand up to the defined maximum?

[20:11:13] <c00kieM0nster> When using Launcher, using the -instances 8 option will set the number of event loop threads. Apparently Launcher seems to be overwriting the defaults to 2 event loop instances.