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[10:24:39] * ChanServ sets mode: +o purplefox [15:13:18] <D-Spair> Hey Julien, thanks for all of the help with the Groovy regressions this weekend!! [15:13:54] <D-Spair> I thought I would hop on here so that we don't pollute the Google Group with quick back-and-forth discussions. [15:17:06] <D-Spair> It seemed to me that you were saying that there was some sort of compiler work going on which would generate packages under the `io.vertx.groovy` hierarchy with 3.4.0-SNAPSHOT, but IntelliJ is not seeing any packages in that tree. [15:18:06] <D-Spair> Do I need to enable some sort of special configuration in the GMavenPlus Groovy compiler plugin to make that work? [15:19:40] <D-Spair> In our projects, we use [email protected] (as much as possible), so I'm not sure if there is some combination there which might be twarting our efforts. [15:19:45] <D-Spair> thwarting even… [15:20:23] <D-Spair> And if the intent is to arrange things so that there are no “breaking” changes, I am all for it. [15:51:10] <temporal_> D-Spair hi [15:54:16] <D-Spair> Hello.. [15:55:10] <D-Spair> Thanks again for the assistance this weekend… I'm still trying to understand where/how you were adding those tests for the ConversionHelper so that I can more readily contribute in the future. [15:56:14] <temporal_> in the master branch [15:56:19] <temporal_> of vertx-lang-groovy repo [15:57:17] <D-Spair> Perhaps you can tell me if I am understanding this correctly… The new vertx-lang-groovy is manipulating the `metaClass` and `missingMethod` capabilities of Groovy to dynamically expand the Java API with some Groovy syntactic sugar? [15:59:49] <D-Spair> And if I AM understanding correctly, that would explain why I was having the Mocking problems I was having… [16:00:21] <D-Spair> And would also explain why a Spy stubbing would not have those problems. [16:02:19] <temporal_> no they don't do it [16:02:23] <temporal_> it is using extension methods [16:02:29] <temporal_> groovy extension methods [16:03:07] <D-Spair> OK, then I need to read through and understand the code better… In the meantime, how can I help with trying to figure out the errors we were discussing on the Google Group? [16:04:58] <temporal_> I would like to know why your code breaks [16:05:01] <temporal_> at compilation time [16:06:28] <D-Spair> There are a number of ways we could try to work it out, but likely the easiest is if I create an SSH account on my server and we share a screen session. Are you up for that? [16:07:12] <D-Spair> I cannot send you the code because of corporate policies, but I CAN let you poke around a bit on my machine. [17:03:13] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

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