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[10:27:12] <myghty> *sigh… to many issues at work… I hope I will finish my vertx blogpost before 2018…

[15:11:40] <D-Spair> temporalfox: Great work on the compiler changes for Groovy!!! Much less painful than my first efforts!

[15:12:05] <D-Spair> I really didn't have to change any implementation code at all, just some unit tests.

[15:12:37] <temporalfox> D-Spair you are welcome

[15:12:46] <temporalfox> the feedback you provided is important

[15:13:04] <temporalfox> it confirms that the strategy to move away from groovy generated classes is viable for migration purpose

[15:13:25] <D-Spair> Before your changes, I was considering asking for a major version bump due to the extensive API changes, and now I am perfectly happy to let it roll as 3.4.0…

[15:14:26] <D-Spair> I need to learn more about Groovy Extension Methods obviously!!! Seems like you can do all sorts of wonderful magic with them.

[15:14:48] <temporalfox>

[15:16:01] <D-Spair> Will that work with @CompileStatic I wonder?

[15:16:12] <D-Spair> Or is that a purely dynamic feature?

[15:16:42] <D-Spair> I guess that I can test and see for myself.

[18:16:40] <myghty> nabend

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[21:21:37] <pikajude> will someFuture.result() be null if the future is still executing?

[21:32:56] <pikajude> oh wait, this problem is easy