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[10:46:22] <xkr47> hi.. what's the design idea based on which all handler properties in interfaces only have setters and no getters?

[10:46:51] <xkr47> for example ReadStream has fluent setters exceptionHandler(), handler() and endHandler() but no getters

[10:47:26] <xkr47> so same for handlers in HttpRequest etc

[11:31:03] <matrium> Hi, I have a question regarding futures. The documentation contains an examples stating that “ mark the start future as completed when all the chain has been completed, or mark it as failed if any step fails.”. But looking at the code, the future is only marked if an error occured [13:26:05] <temporalfox> xkr47 probably because when you set them, you don't need to get them as you already have set them [16:45:50] <nimtiazm> hi. Is there any async driver for hazelcast connectivity? I want to lookup some data from hazelcast in a web verticle [17:18:52] <D-Spair> Hi all, are there any plans to make the Vert.x Logging capabilities more accessible from JavaScript/Ruby/etc…? [17:19:27] <D-Spair> Having to use “Java.type()” seems pretty weird.