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[08:12:52] <Minikloon> Is it possible execute a Runnable on a verticle's context without being inside one of the verticle's event loop thread (standard verticle) ?

[08:13:09] <Minikloon> possible to*

[10:38:40] <pmlopes> @D-Spair, you don't need to dive into codegen right away, you can prototype by adding a new interface with the proper annotations like you just said about the Router, in that case once you build your project the codegen should pick it up like any other API interface

[14:56:15] <D-Spair> Paulo, Yep, I had certainly looked into that.

[14:56:33] <D-Spair> I will continue down that road and we'll see where it leads.

[15:03:27] <D-Spair> The main problem I see is the limitations on the @VertxGen annotated classes only being able to take certain parameters and types (primitives, boxed primitives, and Strings) whereas many logging methods accept varargs.

[15:04:00] <D-Spair> I wonder if CodeGen could be updated to accept arrays/varargs of the supported types.

[15:30:14] <D-Spair> I'm also in the process of creating a raml→Verticle maven Mojo… You would give it a RAML file and it would output a Verticle class with the REST API stubbed out for you.

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