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[08:49:57] <aesteve> temporalfox: Hi Julien are you there ?

[08:50:18] <aesteve> i wanted to have a look at the kotlin common module, but not sure where to start

[08:54:28] <aesteve> inline fun Buffer.appendJson(pretty: Boolean = false, block: Json.() → Any): Buffer =

[08:54:31] <temporalfox> hi aesteve

[08:54:43] <temporalfox> yes this is that

[08:54:46] <aesteve> we could add another utility function

[08:55:00] <aesteve> to create a buffer from json directly

[08:55:08] <aesteve> without calling Buffer.buffer().appendJson

[08:55:15] <aesteve> like Buffer.json

[08:55:26] <aesteve> keep appendJson as is

[08:55:36] <aesteve> but add some sugar for “initial” creation

[08:59:58] <aesteve> and while you are at operator overloading

[09:00:17] <aesteve> [] is very cool, maybe “+” can be good too (for json concatenation)

[09:00:58] <aesteve> actually there's a lot of stuff from Vert.x that can benefit from operator overloading, ReadStream / WriteStream / Buffer

[09:01:22] <aesteve> not only Json

[09:26:31] <temporalfox> you can contribute if you like

[09:26:35] <temporalfox> it seems easy to do :-)

[09:27:14] <aesteve> sure

[09:27:49] <aesteve> careful though, when I'm into “sugar” stuff, it ends up like this :

[09:27:59] <aesteve> which is a bit too much…

[09:33:47] <temporalfox> stick to the simple thigns :-)

[09:55:03] <temporalfox> aesteve kotlin is quite new in vertx 3.4

[09:58:46] <aesteve> yeah but we could already use it, although some stuff wasn't easy

[09:59:11] <aesteve> the missing mapping of @FunctionalInterface to kotlin's lambda is quite annoying

[09:59:27] <aesteve> not only for Vert.x hope they'll add it soon

[10:19:07] <matrium> hi, somehow my handler for a composed future is never called on success, only on error

[10:20:27] <temporalfox> aesteve sure

[10:20:42] <temporalfox> kotlin is weird in some aspects

[10:20:50] <temporalfox> they try to be uber cool futurist

[10:21:04] <temporalfox> but at the same time suffer of limitations of compiling to a more than 10 years old JDK

[10:22:22] <temporalfox> 11 actually

[10:27:29] <matrium> Well, it's actually never called, even though all composition functions are successfully called

[11:02:17] <matrium> My composition looks like this:

[11:02:44] <matrium> “TEST” is logged, but the handler is never called

[11:51:59] <temporalfox> matrium can you provide a reproducer ?

[11:52:08] <temporalfox> I mean just a test case for the vertx testsuite

[12:04:37] <matrium> temporalfox: sorry, just found the error. log :: String → Function<T, T> :-/

[12:04:46] <matrium> it works now

[12:35:37] * ChanServ sets mode: +o purplefox [14:39:30] <chermah> hi guys, i'm using Quasar and i have this error when i launch the app : ERROR: Unable to instrument class io/vertx/spi/cluster/hazelcast/HazelcastClusterManager [14:39:41] <chermah> how can i resolve this issue? [15:07:21] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporal_