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[07:31:32] <neonblu> T

[10:16:25] <stecolet> Hi guys, I don't find vertx3.4.0-beta1 on the maven central repository? where is it released? thank

[10:18:44] <ppatiern> stecolet:

[10:22:51] <stecolet> ppatiern: Why I don't see the vert-core artifact ?

[10:24:04] <ppatiern> stecolet: on the other pages ? Just try searching for it :

[14:49:54] <msavy> hey pmlopes|Zzzz, did anything ever come of that effort to make a proper async infinispan adapter for vert.x?

[15:13:59] <tsegismont> msavy, the ISPN cluster manager has a listenableFuture adapter, if that helps

[15:14:00] <tsegismont>

[15:14:26] <tsegismont> you can see it in action in the AsynMap impl

[15:14:27] <tsegismont>

[15:15:36] <msavy> that could be useful, thanks tsegismont

[15:16:10] <tsegismont> you're welcome

[16:08:16] <temporalfox> ppatiern hi

[16:08:44] <ppatiern> temporalfox: hi

[16:08:53] <temporalfox> how is going Kafka client ?

[16:09:01] <temporalfox> it should be reviewed soon…

[16:10:39] <ppatiern> not so much fast … I'm adding other Kafka API but not at a fast pace :-)

[16:11:14] <ppatiern> I think that the big lack is documentation for having something “usable”

[16:13:10] <temporalfox> I think it would be ok to stop adding new features

[16:13:16] <temporalfox> and provide documentation instead

[16:13:50] <ppatiern> ok !

[16:13:57] <ppatiern> I'll start to do that in these days

[16:14:37] <temporalfox> thanks

[16:14:43] <temporalfox> I would really like to have it in 3.4

[16:16:01] <ppatiern> mhh .. I'll try to do that … quite busy on EnMasse and Hono … but I'll do my best for that ! Even because I want to try it as well :-)

[16:46:01] <temporalfox> yes it would be great

[16:46:06] <temporalfox> even if it's not 100% finished

[16:46:12] <temporalfox> we can finish in later releases 3.4.x

[16:46:18] <temporalfox> but it should be documented + examples

[16:51:04] <ppatiern> yes sure ! agree !

[17:20:17] <temporalfox> tx

[17:21:02] <ppatiern> np ;)