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[13:10:09] <nicktgr15> hi.. how can I chain the deployment of verticles? I want verticle B to be deployed after verticle A has been deployed as B is a subscriber to the event bus of A and shouldn't lose any messages. Unless the whole patter I describe doesn't make sense such case I would appreciate suggestions.

[13:18:22] <temporalfox> you can deploy the B verticle when you get the A callback

[13:29:45] <Sticky> and if you want to chain a bunch you could use Future.compose

[16:45:14] <ploffay> Is there any interceptor for http client?

[16:51:01] <temporalfox> ploffay no there is not, what are you trying to achieve ?

[16:56:39] <ploffay> OpenTracing integration, trace outgoing requests

[16:56:47] <ploffay> temporalfox, ^^

[16:57:16] <temporalfox> there is some work in vertx web client for supporting interception in a branch

[16:57:41] <temporalfox> I think in the usual case this would be handled by the service discovery

[16:57:54] <temporalfox> that put some headers ahead of time when it gives it to the client

[17:02:31] <ploffay> temporalfox, thanks this one?

[17:02:41] <temporalfox> no this one is different

[17:02:59] <temporalfox>

[17:03:08] <temporalfox> with 3.4 we advocate to use the new web client

[17:03:13] <temporalfox> (based on the http client)

[17:03:19] <temporalfox> that provides a more usable API

[17:03:35] <temporalfox>

[17:05:09] <ploffay> when ~ will be 3.4 out?

[17:06:46] <temporalfox> a beta was released yesterday

[17:06:49] <temporalfox> 3.4.0.Beta1

[17:06:53] <temporalfox> in central

[17:07:02] <temporalfox> besides it should be out before end of this month

[17:07:54] <ploffay> +1 thanks, I found it

[22:53:40] <wsieroci> is it possible to somehow restart verticle in case of uncaught exception?

[23:32:21] <Sticky> wsiqueir: uncaught exceptions wont stop a verticle

[23:32:50] <wsiqueir> Sticky, ah wsieroci left already

[23:33:00] <wsiqueir> but that sounds poetical to me

[23:33:10] <wsiqueir> :)

[23:33:33] <wsiqueir> uncaught_exceptions_wont_stop_a_verticle++

[23:33:51] <Sticky> heh

[23:34:49] <Sticky> is there some irc client that generates 8 letter usernames starting in wsi?

[23:53:58] <temporalfox> wsiqueir hi

[23:54:18] <wsiqueir> temporalfox, hello

[23:54:23] <temporalfox> you can set an exceptionHandler on the context to listen to uncaught exceptions

[23:54:36] <temporalfox> however it is complex to get the context of a deployed verticle

[23:55:04] <wsiqueir> temporalfox, ah the guy who asked the question left the channel :)

[23:55:19] <temporalfox> ah sorry

[23:55:20] <temporalfox> :-)

[23:55:22] <wsiqueir> temporalfox, btw - I follow your work since Gatein times - crash and stuff

[23:55:28] <temporalfox> cool :-)

[23:55:46] <temporalfox> lol so you were caught twice by this guy before

[23:55:51] <temporalfox> have we ever met ?

[23:56:31] <wsiqueir> no - I work in support - previously for gatein and sitepublisher

[23:56:50] <wsiqueir> so I read a lot of your code! and your frameworks

[23:57:06] <wsiqueir> crash and the one that simplified JCR access (can't remember the name now)

[23:57:38] <temporalfox> Chromattic!

[23:57:51] <wsiqueir> Yes!

[23:58:00] <temporalfox> so you were forced to follow my contributions rather :-)

[23:58:27] <wsiqueir> hahah :) you were the most active developer in my github

[23:59:27] <temporalfox> :-)