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[00:03:36] <temporalfox> what are you working on at the moment ?

[00:06:15] <wsiqueir> BRMS/BPM Suite and RESTeasy

[00:07:17] <wsiqueir> but I like rest in general - I was writing a vert.x tutorial for my blogs, so I entered this channel - but we have a vert.x expert in ur JUG already and he gave talks about vert.x

[00:07:58] <temporalfox> wsiqueir cool

[00:08:05] <temporalfox> is the expert in the ocmmunity ?

[00:15:17] <wsiqueir> Yes, I think he works with vert.x when doing freelance work

[00:15:37] <wsiqueir> temporalfox, thanks for all the great contributions :)

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[02:18:58] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [07:38:57] <wsieroci> is it possible to somehow restart verticle in case of uncaught exception? [09:47:03] <temporalfox> ppatiern hi, I've seen you are doing progress on kafka [09:47:33] <ppatiern> temporalfox: yes ! I'm jumping between different stuff … Hono, EnMasse and Kafka :-) [09:47:53] <temporalfox> can we have something reviewed this week ? [09:48:56] <ppatiern> I will try to add more examples I can [10:16:14] <ploffay> Hey, is it possible to have multiple [10:16:29] <ploffay> Hey, is it possible to call multiple `routingContext.addBodyEndHandler` for one request? [10:16:56] <ploffay> e.g request matches multiple handlers and all of them defines boduEndHandler [10:17:22] <ploffay> in my case one one is called [10:20:39] <myghty> hey [10:20:42] <myghty> ! [10:21:01] <myghty> just a question… I wanna use an external hazelcast cluster for my autodiscovery and stuff [10:21:18] <myghty> found in the documentation, that I can just hand over a manually created hazelcast client-instance to do that [10:22:43] <myghty> but for unit tests I would just like to startup the verticle as usual like starting it with –clustered [10:23:26] <myghty> so using the internal hazelcast… (I wanna test if I can add a SpringBoot microservice to the vertx discovery and therefore would like to test that via hazelcast) [10:23:44] <myghty> but how do I boot up the verticle programmatically and initiate the internal hazelcast? [10:24:02] <myghty> I know how to use .deploy but I do not see an option to start the hazelcast internally as well [11:20:58] <ploffay> solved, my fault… [14:32:54] <ppatiern> temporalfox: ping [14:33:27] <temporalfox> ppatiern hi [14:33:42] <ppatiern> a question while writing examples and doc for Kafka client … [14:34:24] <temporalfox> yes [14:34:25] <ppatiern> we know that the client has two types of APIs … both are streams but one of them is polyglot and the other one isn't and it uses Kafka native objects [14:34:57] <ppatiern> the polyglot version relies on the non-polyglot one [14:34:58] <temporalfox> there is an annotation [14:35:19] <temporalfox> @Source(translate = false) [14:35:31] <temporalfox> and you package the examples in different examples [14:35:58] <ppatiern> but my question is … should we have to document both ? [14:36:25] <ppatiern> they look the same from an API point of view [14:36:43] <ppatiern> quite same methods .. and the polyglot version calls the non-polyglot [14:37:01] <temporalfox> I think you should document the polyglot [14:37:02] <temporalfox> and after [14:37:11] <temporalfox> you make a small chapter about non polyglot [14:37:25] <temporalfox> and show a few example [14:37:29] <temporalfox> and say it uses kafka nativeobjects [14:37:34] <ppatiern> make sense … agree [14:37:52] <ppatiern> thanks ;) [14:37:53] <temporalfox> maybe we can have a common interface between them [14:37:59] <temporalfox> using covariance [14:38:18] <temporalfox> but that would remain complicated [14:38:47] <ppatiern> let's go ahead in this way for now … just for the first release [14:42:13] <myghty> temporalfox: any idea on my question? :) [14:42:30] <temporalfox> myghty let me read it [14:42:55] <temporalfox> I think we do have some examples in the HZ tests [14:43:19] <myghty> ah :) [14:43:24] <myghty> good idea to look at that [14:43:29] <temporalfox> create VertxOptions [14:43:33] <myghty> I am not used to projects having unit tests ;D [14:43:35] <temporalfox> call setClusterManager(new HazelcastClusterManager()) [14:43:40] <temporalfox> on it [14:43:53] <temporalfox> and then start your vertx with clusteredVertx(options, ar → {}) [14:43:55] <myghty> ah okay and then it will start up the hazelcast internally :) [14:43:57] <myghty> cool [14:44:01] <myghty> thanks :) [14:44:44] <myghty> btw, if I wanna use the service discovery from something like spring boot, it is just writing my service record to the service.registry map, right? [14:44:49] <myghty> or did I miss something? [14:55:36] <temporalfox> I think yes [14:55:41] <temporalfox> I'm not that much familliar with it [14:55:42] <myghty> awesome :) thanks [14:55:44] <myghty> hehe [14:55:50] <temporalfox> don't hesiate to post on vertx groups :-) [14:55:54] <myghty> I finally need time to finish my blogposts about vertx… :) [14:56:14] <myghty> I have like 4-5 interesting things in the pipeline but thanks to work I do not get to a point where I could finish them -.- [15:05:02] <temporalfox> have you tried 3.4.0.Beta1 ? [15:05:22] <myghty> not yet :) [15:06:04] <myghty> working here in a high secure environment… it was hard enough to get vert.x approved at all :D [16:17:50] <temporalfox> I see [18:56:19] <ploffay> Hey, is there a way to intercept all incoming messages from the bus? [20:13:34] <temporalfox> no [20:13:41] <temporalfox> well yes actually [20:13:49] <temporalfox> using metrics [20:13:52] <temporalfox> you can provide your own metrics implementation that does that [20:14:02] <temporalfox> we do have a receive bus interceptor work planned also [21:13:17] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporal_