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[15:53:39] <temporalfox> ploffay hi

[16:21:54] <ploffay> temporalfox, hey

[16:22:16] <temporalfox> I've done a poc of a lib for building service flow with vertx

[16:22:29] <temporalfox> would you mind to try to integrate tracing in it ?

[16:22:47] <ploffay> that is awesome! of course

[16:22:51] <temporalfox> taht's a bit the idea we were talking yesterday

[16:22:57] <temporalfox>

[16:23:18] <temporalfox> it aims to simplify usage of service discovery / breaker

[16:23:25] <temporalfox> and also propagate tracing info

[16:24:02] <temporalfox> I believe we can integrate things without need of interception

[16:24:40] <temporalfox> there is a test here

[16:24:40] <temporalfox>

[16:24:51] <temporalfox> ideally we should be able in the test

[16:24:57] <temporalfox> to set some header in the client

[16:25:11] <temporalfox> and check it is propagated to the http server that listen on 8081

[16:25:20] <temporalfox> there is no event bus test yet

[16:25:39] <temporalfox> let me know if that is something you can add there

[16:28:17] <ploffay> thanks, I/we ( gbrown ) will have a look at it

[18:18:02] <ced_> I'm just trying out vertx. I see this in the redis example : var RedisClient = require(“vertx-redis-js/redis_client”); . Why can't I do var redis = require(“redis”), client = redis.createClient(); like a normal node app ?

[18:19:56] <ced_> What if I need something that it's in the latest release of redis. I'll have to wait vertx to update its package ?

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[23:31:05] <Pete> hi

[23:31:47] <Guest93200> i have three question, can somebody help me?

[23:33:26] <Guest93200> Integration with Spring, as my understanding i cannot use “Spring controllers”? Is it true?

[23:33:53] <Guest93200> Are there any benefit using Vert.x in a spring based application with tomcat container?

[23:34:25] <Guest93200> How can i integrate the loginPage (WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter) feature of Spring using Vert.x?

[23:35:02] <Guest93200> I think if it's possible and there is a benefit using Vert.x, would be nice if i can see a blog compering the two approach