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[05:51:34] <sdf> You guys should use typescript. The doc on vertx website says something along the lines of “vertx js only supports ES5 blablabla”. Well if you use typescript it does compile to ES5 valid code even if you write ES6. Also if your libs are done in typescript it gives IDE intellisens

[05:52:26] <sdf> There is no reason not to use it. none

[14:03:02] <ced_> Hey sorry for being thick but I like the project. The success of a tech is proportional to how it is accessible to the average joe. That being said I really think you should get that maven/gradle part out of your javascript doc. It has nothing to do with javascript and javascript user who don't know java don't know about maven/gradle. I tried a few example I didn't have to deal with maven/gradle once. So is it in the doc just to confuse

[14:08:09] <ced_> Secundo, I'm not sure why you have your own redis module. I'm sure it works a require('redis') and do what I'm used to do. No vertx doesn't deal with bundling but webpack does. So Imo you should just have a cli that you one init and when one type “vertx serve” then everything is bundled together via webpack. You know like angular-cli. I don't know why you want your own wrapper around redis, you don't need to, and it's annoying to the end

[14:10:54] <ced_> There is a reason express is loved, because it's simple and doesn't do too much. Vertx is simple but those wrappers are really annoying. If I know how to use redis cli on js I shouldn't have to relearn it just because I want to use vertx, it also makes the code less portable if I want to switch servers

[14:14:49] <ced_> Like just do one thing and do it good. You don't need those wrappers, and you certainly don't need maven in your JS doc… You also don't need to say that nashorn only accept es5.. You guys should get a js dev actually.

[14:19:02] <ced_> converting to es5 is part of webpack workflow as well as bundling - requires get bundled to a single js file-

[15:11:04] <myghty> ced_: thanks for the input, I can not actually speak for the project

[15:11:22] <myghty> but it is opensource :) why not just file pull requests with your desired changes?

[15:11:25] <myghty> :)