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[01:04:04] <ghost_x> temporalfox - Do the tests have any public/private/cert utils aviailable anywhere?

[01:40:31] <temporal_> ghost_x wdym ?

[01:40:48] <ghost_x> Found it nws

[01:41:04] <ghost_x> Figuring out how to make a pull request. :)

[01:41:49] <temporal_> ok

[01:41:55] <temporal_> don't forget to read the contrib guidelines

[01:42:02] <temporal_> and sign the agreement

[01:42:09] <temporal_> and be ready for a review

[01:47:48] <ghost_x> Ok - I've just added a test to highlight the issue. Someone with more expertise in SSL should probably figure out where it's best to put the fix.

[01:56:06] <ghost_x> Signed - cheers

[17:02:10] <ovestoerholt> I am creating a verticle to act as a server to authenticate users using the Nginx ngx_http_auth_request_module. In addition to serve Nginx with info about user authentication it also reponds to /profile requests for retrieving LDAP properties for the authenticated user. Would this code be of interest to the Vert.x example repository?

[18:28:01] <temporal_> ovestoerholt would you mind sending an email to vertx-dev list ?

[18:28:06] <temporal_> about this

[18:28:43] <ovestoerholt> I would. But I am quite new to this, so I don't know how… :-)

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