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[00:01:18] <ghost_x> Looks like netty chooses this dialling port using the tcp implementation

[00:01:25] <ghost_x> can anyone confirm?

[09:41:16] <temporal_> ppatiern hi

[09:41:28] <ppatiern> temporal_ hi !

[09:41:49] <temporal_> I want to do a 3.4.0.Beta1 release

[09:41:58] <temporal_> is that ok concerning the status ?

[09:43:09] <ppatiern> yes it's ok to me … even because it seems that some people are using the kafka client and it's working fine (for what they are using :-))

[09:44:55] <temporal_> it seems this component was long awaited

[09:45:06] <temporal_> going to do that now

[09:45:47] <ppatiern> yes I think so :-)

[09:47:07] <temporal_> btw here is the example I did

[09:47:31] <temporal_>

[10:49:19] <temporal_> here we go

[11:53:35] <ivanovdns> hi there! is it possible to handle a body in closeHandler when client closes websocket connection?

[11:54:11] <ivanovdns> I mean this:

[13:22:19] <ovestoerholt> How can I set a system property? From config file where? Programmatically?

[13:37:45] <myghty> what kind of system property ovestoerholt ?

[13:58:40] <NL3limin4t0r> Hey guys, just a quick question. I've read through quite a lot of the

[13:59:00] <NL3limin4t0r> Java documentation, and checked the debugger.

[13:59:36] <NL3limin4t0r> but is there a way to view an identifier of the sender of a message in the eventbus?

[14:05:58] <NL3limin4t0r> I don't find it strange that it isn't there, but I was wondering if I missed some information.

[14:45:12] <ovestoerholt> @myghty I wan't to specify my verticle to use log4j instead of standard JUL.

[18:37:54] <AlexLehm> ovestoerholt: run the verticle with -Dvertx.logger-delegate-factory-class-name=io.vertx.core.logging.Log4jLogDelegateFactory