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[09:15:26] <ppatiern> pmlopes: hi !

[09:15:38] <pmlopes> hi

[09:15:53] <ppatiern> I noticed you published the “wrong” idea :-)

[09:16:09] <pmlopes> it's not published yet ;)

[09:16:14] <pmlopes> it's on a branch

[09:16:17] <ppatiern> great ! :-)

[09:16:58] <pmlopes> oh i see it now i didn't read the mail properly, i skipped the “not the”

[09:17:00] <pmlopes> :)

[09:17:05] <pmlopes> i need coffee

[09:17:17] <ppatiern> :-D

[09:17:28] <ppatiern> now worries … as you said it's not published yet ;)

[09:21:21] <pmlopes> I've amended the commit, can you check if that's ok?

[09:27:29] <ppatiern> already checked … it's ok ! thanks ;)

[11:19:16] <tamm0r> What happened to vietj's stuff on github? I don't see any of his comments anymore and his profile page is gone as well…

[11:22:08] <jtakvori> tamm0r, ;)

[11:27:42] * ChanServ sets mode: +o purplefox [12:06:49] <msavy> temporal_: you're back in action on GH now? [12:07:00] <temporal_> yes msavy thanks [12:07:00] <temporal_> that was annoying [12:07:19] <msavy> temporal_: probably a troll or bot flagged your account [12:07:34] <temporal_> I'm trying to understand what flaggin means [12:08:00] <temporal_> what is not acceptalbe is that, there should be discussions first before flagging [12:08:11] <temporal_> or maybe github needs a notion of “certified” profile ? [12:08:21] <temporal_> although I'm not that much keen on that [12:08:33] <msavy> temporal_: yes, i think it's either algorithmic or when someone clicks the “block or report user” link on your profile [12:09:41] <msavy> temporal_: funny thing is that the recent outage for gitlab was partially caused by an issue where a troll kept on reporting an admin account and had it deleted [12:10:00] <msavy> so it's a known problem that people abuse the system [12:11:00] <temporal_> ouch [12:11:03] <temporal_> that's dangerous [12:11:16] <temporal_> but what kind of infringement is it supposed to prevent ? [12:11:20] <temporal_> harrasment ? [12:11:28] <temporal_> btw msavy 3.4.0 in available in central [12:13:02] <msavy> temporal_: also people using GH etc as a CDN for spam, viruses, etc; copyright infringement; that kind of stuff. did they not explain why? [12:13:44] <temporal_> I asked [12:16:06] <msavy> temporal_: are you still having your meeting with all the team? [12:16:17] <temporal_> wdym ? [12:16:23] <msavy> thought you were having a team meeting or something [12:16:28] <temporal_> now it's on monday [12:18:38] <msavy> temporal_: ah ok, i saw markl was going to lyon and thought maybe it was a vertx meeting [12:18:45] <temporal_> ah [12:18:50] <temporal_> no it is something different :-) [12:18:54] <msavy> team france ;-) [12:19:00] <temporal_> he's visiting professor in lyon [12:19:02] <temporal_> so just meeting julien ponge [12:19:44] <msavy> probably an excuse to escape the cold weather :o) [12:38:34] * ChanServ sets mode: +o purplefox

[14:35:45] <Guest18506> Hello =) Can someone help me with a design for a vertx http server with blocking calls?

[16:32:01] <ppatiern> temporal_: hi

[16:32:07] <temporal_> hi ppatiern

[16:32:26] <temporal_> Guest18506 hi, you should use executeBlocking

[16:32:39] <temporal_> Guest18506 or use the event bus with worker verticles

[16:32:56] <ppatiern> I need to expose a property from the MqttEndpoint (vertx mqtt server) for the 3.4.0 release … but I see that you already updated to 3.4.1-SNAPSHOT (and it causes in any case broken build on jenkins)

[16:33:05] <ppatiern> I need this property in Eclipse Hono

[17:18:48] <ppatiern> temporal_: so how can I achieve that ?

[17:26:39] <temporal_> ppatiern re-hi

[17:27:01] <temporal_> we expect a 3.4.1 release within a couple of days

[17:27:07] <temporal_> just provide a small PR

[17:30:22] <ppatiern> but shouldn't we have the 3.4.0 first ?

[17:32:05] <temporal_> it is being released now

[17:32:14] <temporal_> and now it is i ncentral

[17:32:22] <temporal_> and I'm about to announce it

[17:32:27] <ppatiern> so we can switch to 3.4.0 in Hono ?

[17:32:39] <ppatiern> great !!

[18:27:59] <temporal_> yes you can switch but you don't have what you want ?

[23:25:07] <yunyul> This issue seems interesting

[23:25:08] <yunyul>

[23:25:27] <yunyul> The weird string manipulation in the provided patch is fixable

[23:25:38] <yunyul> but is the user constructing HandlebarsTemplateEngineImpl possibly breaking things actually a problem