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[09:35:27] <temporal_> ppatiern hi

[09:35:36] <ppatiern> temporal_: hi

[09:35:41] <temporal_> I'm glad you're going to mentor on GSOC!

[09:35:54] <ppatiern> me too :-)

[09:46:04] <ppatiern> temporal_: a quick question on the latest 4.3.0 release

[09:46:09] <temporal_> ppatiern yes

[09:46:23] <temporal_> ppatiern are you considering a patch for mqtt-server by the way ?

[09:46:26] <temporal_> the one you mentionned

[09:46:36] <ppatiern> yes … I'll do that today

[09:47:00] <ppatiern> Eclipse Hono has a dependency on Netty 4.1.5 (that worked for verty 3.3.3) … now I see that the 4.3.0 relies on Netty 4.1.8

[09:47:21] <ppatiern> because changing Netty version on Eclipse projects means going through loooong CQs …

[09:47:35] <ppatiern> do you see any problem if we update to Vert.x 4.3.0 but leaving Netty 4.1.5 ?

[09:48:08] <temporal_> we have done CQ for netty

[09:48:13] <temporal_> so you should be able to reuse it

[09:48:20] <temporal_> yes there will be problems ppatiern

[09:48:31] <ppatiern> ok

[09:48:38] <temporal_> we have CQ for netty-all

[09:48:44] <temporal_> which handles everything in netty

[09:48:46] <temporal_> including mqtt

[09:49:01] <ppatiern> but I think that CQs are related to the project

[09:49:14] <ppatiern> so it's different having CQ on Netty for Eclipse Hono than for Vertx

[09:49:16] <ppatiern> no ?

[09:49:25] <ppatiern> not an expert on CQs :-)

[10:13:58] <temporal_> you need a CQ, but you reuse Vertx CQ that was filed for Netty

[10:14:00] <temporal_> piggy back

[10:14:25] <temporal_> ppatiern can you add test for is Connected() ?

[10:16:28] <ppatiern> ok sure

[11:43:31] <Snugglebash> Hi, I'm using the Vertx mongo client and am using the findOne method of MongoClient. I dont understand why I need to specify a JsonObject fields argument as I just want to pull out the whole document. Does anyone know what I should set the fields argument to, to simply pull out the whole document?

[11:46:04] <Snugglebash> Or is the fields argument the result?

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